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How to Save on Your Cell Phone Bill

Do you have seeing your cell phone bill come every month because you hate seeing your bill climb? Even cutting back on the services that you use and switching providers may not save you as much as you would like, but there are some ways you can reduce your cell phone bill.


How to Save on Your Cell Phone Bill

Go the Prepaid Route

Many shoppers think that pay as you go and no contract cell phone providers are the same thing. While both let you sign up for phone service without signing a contract, the pay as you go route lets you use only the amount of minutes and data that you need. You can get a basic phone for around $100 or less, and you can purchase a card that adds points to your phone. Every time you use the phone to call, text or use data, the company will deduct points from your account. You can add more points at anytime.

No Contract = No Hassles

A no contract phone is essentially a phone you get without a contract that ties you to that phone. No contract providers let you stop your service, change your plan or switch phones at any point without facing any high fees. Companies like Boost Mobile and Cricket now offer plans as low as $50 a month and come with unlimited talk, data and text. Many of the top companies even have backing from major phone providers like Verizon and AT&T.

Ask About Discounts

You don’t need to call up someone like Ehsan Bayat Afghan Wireless executive to get a discount, but you do need to talk to a representative of your cell phone provider. Make it clear that you want to get the best rate for your phone and explain the type of budget you have in mind. The representative you speak to over the phone may have access to discounts you never considered before, and there may be discounts available simply because of where you work or where you go to school.

Set Reminders on Your Phone

If you find that your average bill keeps going up because you go over the maximum number of text messages you send or because you use too much data, you can set up reminders right on your phone to help you save. Many modern smartphones have alert systems that let you decide on the amount of minutes you want to talk, texts you want to send and receive or data you want to use and download. When you near the limit that you set, your phone will show you a reminder. This prevents you from going over your limits and paying for your overages on your next bill.

Compare Plans

Comparing plans is an easy way to see if you can save on your monthly cell phone bill. Most providers now offer different types of plans for smartphone users that come with different amounts of talk time and data download amounts. Dropping to a plan one level below your current plan can save you $100 or more each year. If your provider only offers a limited number of plans, consider moving your phone to a new network. Switching phones, providers or networks are just a few ways you can reduce the amount you pay for your cell phone every month.

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