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How to Strengthen Your Facebook Security from Being Hacked

There is probably not a single person left in the world that does not have a profile or does not know about Facebook. Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites across the world. This is the place where people register themselves to make friends with known or unknown person staying near or far away from them, to chat or share photos and videos with them. Now as a number of people are registered and having accounts through which they share lots of detail related to their personal and professional life, therefore, the security matter should be taken into account extremely carefully. Recently a number of attacks on a number of personal accounts have been reported on this site. Therefore it is necessary to operate Facebook safely. Following are some rule applying which you can improve the security measures of your Facebook account.

Protect Facebook

Email ID/Email Account

You should ensure the security of your Facebook account by adding a secondary email id to make sure that even if you lose your primary mail address you can at least recover using the secondary mail id that has been added to your account. The email id that you put while registering should be a valid one. Once you enter the email address a verification code will be send to the to verify the address. You can more than one email address for your Facebook account so that your friends can easily locate you.
Facebook Mobile: In the next step you need to enter your mobile number and register with the mobile service offered by Facebook to make sure that you can easily login into your account even if you face any trouble. To access you Facebook account from your mobile you can Mobile Phone> + Sign Up for Facebook mobile. You may be asked to choose the country you are living and the network carrier which will allow you to get a confirmation code on your cell phone. If this process fail then you may have to send text message typing F to 9232232665 (92FACEBOOK).

Security Question

The last and final step is to update all your security information in the form of a security question and its answer. A list will be displayed in front of you containing a number of security questions and you need to select any of these questions and set a suitable answer to the question. Then simply carry on with the ‘Save and continue’ option to set the question and answer. Once you set all the options your account will be safe and secure and you can enjoy all the applications and feature without worrying much about the security issues.

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