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How to Surf Internet in 3D with Chrome?

If you are using a 3D display or 3D equipped computer then it’s not hard to get the 3D encounter on the web online browser. A designer Cadie launched a Google Chrome with 3D web page plug-in like thing it said to make a 3D glass and then you can browse online in 3D. But this is not something to just laugh, you can now turn a 2D picture on Google Chrome browser to 3D using the 3Dnator expansion. 3Dnator uses the 3D technology transformed and depending on HTML5 to turn any picture to stereoscopic 3D item. You can make 3D of your own pictures or the images online. When you use the 3D glasses you will get the real three dimensional graphic experience.
This is a free to use extension for Google Chrome. 3Dnater button can be placed beside the address bar. If the button is placed beside the address bar, all the images will be shown in 3D mode. If you do not have this button placed beside the address bar, right click on the image you want to view in 3D mode and then click 3Dnater.

This extension can work with any website or any tool. You can either view Google search images or the blog images or picasa images in 3D. This extension has nothing to do with the website and source of image. It just works on the images. So, if you have a nice collection of images, this extension is there to make you more thrilled while seeing those pics in 3 dimension technology.

There is an issue, to view these 3D images, you will need a 3D glass. If you do not have a 3 dimensional glass but you still want to experience this technology, you can create one for you in very simple steps and without any issue. This will also cost a few rupees which means its very economical and effective. This will work as all other professional 3D glasses which are available in market for a few hundred rupees.  

How to make a 3D glass at home ? 

STEP ONE : You will get transparent protection glass or driving glasses at any shop. Buy two markets One Red and the other blue in color. Now just shade a part of red shade on the remaining glass and color the right one with blue. This is the easiest and cheapest 3D glass you can make at home. 


STEP TWO : If you have an old pair of sunglasses or a cheap sunglasses just pop out the glass [mostly roughage or plastic]. Now, you will need some clear plastic or shaded plastic. Cut the plastic into the identical style of Glasses so that they easily fit into the rim of Sunglasses. Use a marking to color left cut plastic form into red [or use a red plastic to cut the shape] and the right one with blue [use the red plastic cut for right side]

That’s it.. You have made a 3D glass which can be used to watch 3D movies on your TV or to view 3D pictures on your computer screen.

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  1. I didn’t know that it’s easy to make 3D glasses. Quick question, why does one needs to be red and the other blue? Can’t it be use with just any color combination?

  2. Really cool tutorial. I had no idea that this was even possible. For us 3D enthusiasts it is post like this that we live for. I will have to try this immediately. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. This is so neat! I didn’t know Chrome had a 3D extension, and it’s so simple to craft your own glasses. This will definitely make internet-surfing a lot more interesting. Thanks for the guide!


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