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How to Take Better Picture from Smartphone Camera

Just a couple of years ago, people become very excited whenever a smartphone appears on the market with a 2megapixel camera. Now, it’s very common to find smartphones, even cheap ones, bearing a 5MP or 8MP camera. In fact, there are high end smartphones that have 13MP rear cameras, putting digital cameras to shame.

One advantage of having such high resolution cameras on smartphones is that it makes it so much more convenient –and cheaper — to take high quality photos. However, it’s still recommended that you learn the basics of photography to get the most out of your smartphone camera.


Here are some things you need to remember in order to take professional looking photos with your smartphone.

Never Use Zoom

Smartphone cameras come with a zooming feature. Remember though that if you use this feature, the quality of the picture will go down. This is because the zoom feature in smartphones is precision zoom. This is different from the zoom feature found in DSLR cameras, where the lens can move in and out to capture the tiniest details of the subject.

If you want to have a closer look at any object, my advice is for you to move closer to it instead of using the zooming in.

Make Sure You’re Still

It’s very important that you remain as still as possible whenever you’re making a shot, regardless of whenever you’re using a smartphone camera. This rule applies to using digital cameras as well because if you move, then the image will be blurry. A blurred image is the mix up of two to three frames because you’re moving at the time the picture was taken. It means that the lens was not able to capture one single frame.

While some people find easy to take picture with one hand via smartphones, it will be better if you can use both hands. The benefit of using both hands is that there’s a higher chance that you’ll get a really good picture.

Use Apps to Enhance/Fix Your Photos

Whether you’re using an Android, iOS or Windows smartphone, there are plenty of apps you can download to improve photo quality.  Some allow you to fix red eyes, adjust brightness and contrast, or simply improve the whole image with a single click. While these apps will not make you Andy Warhol, such apps can make photo editing as easy as a 1-2-3.

Use the Touch Focus

Most smartphone cameras come with an auto focus feature. This means that you cannot adjust the focus manually. However, some high end smartphones now have the touch focus feature. Make use of this feature to capture better quality photos.

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