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How To Update Facebook Status via Tricks – New and Updated Set of via Updates

The “Update Facebook status via” trick is not actually new and I already posted some of these tricks on one of my blog sites. Let us just say that this new list is just the continuation of those from which I already created. I was so inspired for those readers who still use the list of tricks I made before and because of that I am creating new set of tricks for my readers. The list is still short if you notice, I will be updating it everyday or at least during my not-so-busy day.


Please be informed that I will start now to check and fix the Facebook status tricks links that are no longer working. Thanks you for your continuous support.
-Update: 9:02 AM GMT+8 7/13/2012

You can also send me feedback for any additional request and I will try to add it here on my list as soon as possible (for as long as it’s not explicit, it’ll be OK). One more thing, as I’ve said you should be logged into your Facebook account before you can use this trick. The main reason is when you click any of the tricks below, it will open the Facebook dialog feed for you to update your wall status.

Facebook Update Status Trick

So here are the new list:

Mobile Phones

Known Hotels/Motels In Philippines:

Popular Share Buttons:

Pinoy Rides:



Please inform me if any of the links are no longer working.

[warning]You need to log into your own Facebook account first before you can use the links above.[/warning]


  1. I had recently posted my facebook status from iPhone 5. I updated that I bought iPhone 5 & amazing experience.My friends were really shocked by reading that status & I got almost 10 comments in 20 minuts.
    Thanks for the tips!!!

  2. I have seen many people updating status using these tricks, but I have one question are these tricks really safe? they can have a exploit or spam bots like we are seeing now-a-days a lot on Facebook..

    1. It’s working from my end. have you tried to login first into your FB account before clicking the link?

        1. OK, probably FB updated again the feed formatting or it could be something else. I will try to check this weekend. ‘Swamped with work these days. Thanks for bringing up this to me, I really appreciated it.

    1. Thanks for bringing this up, yes I am aware of it and I am still fixing them. It’s just I have tons of work to do as of the moment. Please bear with me.


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