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Impact Resistant Screen Protector For Smartphones And Tablets

You and I just can’t help it when it comes to protecting our gadgets, especially when we talk about our smartphones and tablets. We always look for the best protective shield for our devices like iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphones/tablets. And now a very promising impact resistant screen protector wants to join the bandwagon – meet Rhino Shield. The new and innovative type of tough and impact resistant screen protector called Rhino Shield is a Kickstarter project by Evolutive Labs. And before we go any deeper to this new project, I need to tell you ahead that the team is needing everybody’s support to sustain the project. Mainly the team needs you and I to make a pledge to back up the project – minimum pledge of £1. This Kickstarter project needs to raise £50,000 in order for them to mass-produce this amazing impact resistant screen protector.

Impact Resistant Screen Protector For Smartphones And Tablets

We are all aware the Gorilla glass, which is commonly seen on Android devices like Samsung (i.e. Samsung Galaxy S II) and other smartphones/tablets, is one of the toughest and durable screen display for smartphones. However, glass is still a glass and even with the latest Gorilla Glass 3 which was shown in the last CES 2013 it will still shatter if it reaches its tolerance. So to make your Gorilla Glass-built devices, it will surely help if you have a some sort like Rhino Shield impact resistant screen protector. Watch and compare the videos below, it shows the latest Gorilla Glass 3 shown in the recent CES 2013 and the other one is from Evolutive Labs with their Rhino Shield project.

Not only an impact resistant screen protector, there’s more…

Yes, there’s actually more. As you have seen in the short video clip from Evolutive Labs, their Rhino Shield is not only impact resistant but it is also:

  • Highly Transparent
  • Scratch proof
  • Anti-fingerprint smudge

Unfortunately, as I’ve mentioned above this won’t get mass-produced if Evolutive Labs won’t be able to raise £50,000 by Mar 13, 8:01pm EDT.  As of writing this article they managed to accumulate £3,551. So, if you want to help the team to make this tough addon impact resistant protector for your smartphones then you can help them by placing your pledge. You can do that through the form below or from their Rhino Shield Kickstarter project page.


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