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Important Rules to follow while creating logos

A logo is the most important aspect in order to establish an identity for your brand. The target audience remembers your company not by the name, but by the logo and hence, it is very important to create a logo which immediately imprints their minds. A logo is something which helps the user associates the product or service which they require with your brand. If you make a proper logo, you have better chances to reach the heights of success and market your business or service more effectively. Hence, logo is a fundamental aspect to be concentrated on while setting up a business.

Important Rules to follow while creating logos
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Below given are some of the important rules to follow while creating Logos:

  1. Keep it Simple: The logo which you design for your business should be simple and easy to connect with. It should suit the mindset of the target audience. IT should effectively convey the emotions and idea behind your business and hence, you should not risk in making a logo which has got a complicated appearance. It is not necessary that only elaborate logos convey a lot of meaning. It should be attractive but at the same time, should be simple.
  2. Make it Relevant: The logo should be relevant to your product. For example, if you advertise a brand of mineral water, shades of Blue or green are going to be the right choices and shared of Red or orange are not going to be really effective. Also, the look of it should be considered. For example, your logo should not look very luxurious if your target audience if a middle income group customer.
  3. Layout: The layout of the logo should be a perfect balance in the placement of the graphic icon, the name of your business and the tagline. It should not be disproportional and it should not happen that it looks visually imbalanced.
  4. Font: The font of your logo should be attractive but at the same time, it should be easily readable. You can indeed add graphical elements to the fonts but those elements should not disturb the readability and simplicity of the letters. Sometimes, only text written in attractive fonts is considered as a brand logo. In this case, the font should be a perfect balance of simplicity and attractiveness.
  5. Let it be Versatile: The logo should be made in such a way that even if it is modified with respect to its size. The aspects like fonts and icons should be easily readable. Is should be readable even when it is on your letterhead as well as on a big hoarding on the road. The user should not have visual difficulties while understanding your logo.

These rules are very important to be followed because a good company logo design is the most important aspect for allowing your business to make a mark in the competitive market and if the logo is compromised on, the face of your business is going to get spoilt and severely affect your marketing strategies.

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