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Intel’s Superior Communication Technology for a Better World

Though the details are pretty technical, Intel’s new communications and data technologies are about creating a better world. There are a million applications, a few of which the company profiles very well in their newest ad campaign. They have a great way of taking topical issues (earthquakes in California and increased agriculture demands, for instance) and finding ways for their technology to make these more understandable and manageable.


In the case of agriculture, Intel demonstrates how they are able to help farmers keep an eye on every aspect of their farms, without having to be physically present in those locations. Using computer systems to track growth patterns, yields, soil retention, nutrition, and every other aspect of farming, is essential to drawing more nutrition out of the earth, for a growing humanity. But it’s a job that humans can’t do on their own. By extending our senses through technologies like Intel’s, it makes this process more possible and effective.

Another example that Intel provides is in earthquake science. Everybody knows that California is in a bit of a spot when it comes to earthquakes which will happen in their future. It’s an uncertain future for people who love and live in California, but it’s one which science can help eliminate tension from. By being able to track the early signs of earthquakes, Intel’s technology could make it possible to warn people long before an earthquake actually strikes. While it can’t stop these movements of the earth, they can certainly minimize loss of life when the big one actually occurs.

There are endless other applications which technologies like these will find. Intel does a good job at capturing the imaginations of people who want to believe in a better future. As the world continues to change and develop, you can be sure that Intel is going to be there every step of the way, designing the technologies that make the future possible.


  1. Intel has brought a drastic change in the world of communication and technology. It will surely create a great world in the coming future.


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