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iOS vs Android- War in 2015

Both Apple’s proprietary iOS and Google’s open sourced Android are two of the best, most loved, and the most commonly used mobile operating systems out there. Both these operating systems have been around for more than 7 years and has since then stole away the competition from others such as Symbian, Windows Phone and Blackberry etc.

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Even though new operating systems surface every now and then, and the existing one’s have been advancing their game, it is still a long way before any other operating system reaches the level of success that both iOS and Android currently enjoys. And if you are confused on the question “which platform should I choose after I sell my cell phone?” then today we are here to help you out.

The main reason for the success of both these operating systems are that, they are unlike each other in almost every aspect and therefore, they target a very different and specific section of the Smartphone buyers. For example, Apple’s iOS can only be found on their own mobile devices such as the iPod, iPhone and iPad etc. The iOS operating system, since the very beginning have been widely known for their conservative and simplistic look, and operating the user interface on iOS is pretty simple and can be learnt by anyone, even if they are completely new to Smartphones. iOS also offers very little customization options and third party support, even though it has been changing lately.

Whereas Android, being an open sourced mobile operating system, is seen widely in a lot of Smartphones out there and that too from a lot of different manufacturers. Yet Android is termed as the operating system for the most nerdy one’s, as Android offers a hell lot of customization and a very vast third party support as well.

You can find hundreds of alternatives for any application and feature on Android, ranging from applications that can switch ON and OFF the LED flashlight on your Smartphone to apps that can replace your everyday tools such as the Default phone dialer, contacts or even the SMS messaging app.

Apple revamped the UI looks of the iOS operating system from iOS 7, which is followed to the current iOS 8 as well. The UI looks cleaner and simpler than ever, thanks to its elements with flat style approach. Whereas with the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop, Google has tried to create a uniform looking user interface experience throughout every other application with the Material Design approach.

When the applications on both iOS and Android are compared, both the app stores, the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store literally features over a million applications and any application you find in one platform should surely have a version for the other platform as well. And if not available, then you will at least find hundreds of alternatives doing the same purpose, maybe even better. Not just apps, but other services are great on both these platforms as well. Like the recent LG G4 which was launched few days back is a great smartphone. Like in iOS, we have iTunes for music and movies on iOS whereas we have Play Movies and Play Music on Android. Similarly, Apple Pay and Google Wallet, Apple’s Health and Google’s Fit and so on.

So at the end, if you are to choose between iOS and Android, the story is rather same even today as it was seven years ago. You need to choose between the most customization friendly Android, or else the more simplistic iOS.

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  1. iOS and Android both have their own customer and target audience. As per low budget customer you can see they prefer to android device because they avail in cheap price while apple is costly product but choice of millions


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