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IOTransfer iPhone/iPad Manager Software REVIEW

There is always some hassle involved while syncing or managing data in your iOS device. To handle this, there are many file manager applications available for PC. IOTransfer is one such application for iOS device file management that allows iPhone transfer. In this article, we are going to review this software which is now available for Windows.

After the newest update, the version we have here is v1.2. The highlight feature that this iPhone manager offers is the 1-click transfer feature. As soon as you open the application, you will be asked to connect your iOS device. It supports any iOS device as promised.

We were able to work with an iPhone and an iPod for our review. The application detects the device and shows all the things you can do after connecting it. The detection is very fast and the wizard shows the device you connected with its details. Below that, we can find three buttons: Sync to iTunes, Sync to PC and Sync to Device. This 1-click feature is only available in the Pro version of the software. If you press any of these, a window will pop up where you will select the kind of things, you want to transfer/sync. Then you need to just press the Sync button and the sync process will start. You have to specify a file path while syncing files to PC and you need to connect at least two devices in order to use “Sync to Device” function. The transfer speed was really good. We were able to transfer about 500 photos from an iPhone to PC under a minute.

Moreover, there are separate tabs where you can access the files on your connected device. Things we are able to view and manage through these tabs are – Music, Videos, Photos, Apps, Podcasts, Books and Voice Memos. All these tabs list the respective contents in the device in thumbnail view. We can also switch to list view or a larger thumbnail view. To sync, we need to select these files either by pressing them one by one or by just pressing “Select All” at the top.

The file manager is pretty wise and is convenient to use. If you select something that is in your iOS device, you will notice “To PC” button being enabled below the list. If you want to add files to your iOS device, you can press the “Add” button beside the To PC button. For Music, there is also an option to transfer your music files from iOS device to your iTunes app. Each tab has search function too which comes handy when you are looking for a certain file to transfer. We can view individual folders only when accessing Photos in this application.

Overall, this file manager for iOS platform is well-packed and we can’t ask more from it. It offers everything we demand from a transfer tool. The UI is slick and the transfer speeds are fast. It also comes with the 1-click transfer function which is time-saving and pretty rare. We recommend IOTransfer application to any iOS owner who is looking for a file manager.

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