iPad 3 Concept Designs – Funny Viral YouTube Videos On The Loose

Over the last couple of months, we’ve heard and seen a lot of news and rumors spreading the world wide web about the next design of iPad 3 and iPhone 5. Some of them may sound so absurd and impossible but there are also articles and images that may somehow possible and “might” be the concept design of the next flagship of Apple – iPhone 5 and iPad 3 generations. We’re almost close to the date (which is also an unconfirmed date – 07th of March) where Apple will finally unveil to us all their latest iPad 3. There are news that this going to sport an edge-to-edge retina display, NFC will also be there, and there are news that iPad 3 will be a little bit thicker than the previous iterations and also it will be a little bit heavier. Also there are news that this will sport Apple’s latest chips, the rear camera will be relocated, and many other more.

iPad 3 Concepts

And just before the official announcement or press release from Apple itself, there are countless images and videos released out there telling tales about the concept design of iPad 3.  And the most recent are these two viral YouTube videos about the iPad 3 design.  They are cool if you’d ask me and can be actually used by Apple for their commercials. Who knows? They might hire these guys to endorse their products.

Here are the two videos I am telling you guys.

The first one was made Simon Pierro from iOSmagic, oh yeah “magic”. He made a review of iPad 3 in a magical way. Making things from iPad 3 into reality like the balloon app making the iPad 3 fly, the image of a dog where he transferred it straight into a blank frame and Siri of course – in the flesh. The video was uploaded last 01st of March by iOSMagic.

And this one was uploaded by AatmaStudio last week 28th of February. This is what you can call “the future”. Why? It’s not really about the edge-to-edge design of the iPad 3 they have showed us but the 3D holograms where you can play games like football as if the characters in the game are running over your iPad 3 display screen. Check it out.

Whether these can become into realities or not, for me, these kind of videos can really bring end-users’ attention for a certain product – and you might catch their interest to buy your products.

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