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Link Building and Strategies for Effective Use

Link building is the mechanism by which readers can access from page to page and this is especially important if you want more visibility for your website. With links, search engines can analyze the popularity of your website by looking into what and how many pages or sites link to your page. With links, search engines are also able to analyze if your page is trustworthy as other trustworthy sites link to your page. This is the difference between spammy sites because there is a few or no sites at all that link back to them. Links, therefore, are useful in identifying articles or sites that have credibility in a particular field.


Suppose you are reading an article on anemia and the article you are in links to a certain site discussing the effective managements for which. If you click on that particular link, that site gains more traffic as other people visit it through another site. This also means that your article or site is credible enough to be cited by other works. If you have an online business or a web page, you would want to use link building as an effective marketing strategy as this not only increases site traffic, but also allows search engines to analyze your credibility.


Before trying link building, it is essential to understand various elements to make it more effective such as:

1      Popularity in the World Wide Web

Look for sites or authority that will link their sites to your own. However, make sure that these sites are popular enough so they are also largely visible to the search engine results.

2      Links to specific topics

Based on our example on the article on anemia, the linked site is similar in content with the main article you are reading. Experts suggest that links from specific topics matter more than those links that are off-topic. For instance, a link from anemia to a site talking about exercise is not really helpful. If your products are on nutritional supplements, earn links from health sites and so on.

3      Use of anchor texts

Anchor texts guide readers to browse more on the link attached. Anchor texts such as click here, view here, enter here and the like enhances your link building efforts.

4      Trust rank

Another important element of online marketing is the trust rank. If you earn links from credible and trustworthy sites, your trust rank also increases. Highly trusted sites include non-profit organizations, government websites and universities. If you link to spam, your site is also more likely viewed as a spam as well.

5      Earning new links

The World Wide Web is constantly changing and a popular site now may not be popular in the next weeks or months. In this line, make sure to earn links every now and them.

All these considerations help link building to be more useful and successful. Visit for more information on online marketing to make the most out of your business or website.

Mary Grace Evans is an online marketing expert and once worked for an online marketing site. Her job description is to help clients enhance their link building prerogatives and she also adds expert SEO touch to each site.


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