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Download Metal Slug 3 For Android And iOS

Are you ready for one of the all-time favorite action-packed game? I am talking about the recent released Metal Slug 3 game from SNK Playmore. Metal Slug is one of the most popular arcade games when I was still in college. I usually go to the nearest arcade center from our school and this is one of the arcade games that I used to play aside from Marvel VS. Street Fighter and Soul Excalibur. Last week, SNK Playmore released the famous and legendary NEOGEO 2D action shooting 2D game Metal Slug 3 for Android and iOS.  For those who doesn’t know, SNK Playmore is the same developer who launched THE KING OF FIGHTERS-i 2012 last May 2012.  To be honest I am really enjoying their games and I am looking forward to their future game releases.

Metal Slug 3

So select your favorite soldier from Metal Slug 3 menu, gear up, ready your firepower and pulverize those gigantic swarming insects and get more special  powers from saving  those prisoners.  I remember my friend told me that while playing the game, he can feel the intense of the game with each shot he takes against the enemies. Turn all those gigantic insects upside down with mortar grenades, homing missiles, and the whole armory of high-caliber weapons and guns. Or beat them down with your soldier’s special fire power.

Metal Slug 3 Soldier Select

The new Metal Slug 3 gives you the option to select one soldier – Marco, Eri, Tarma, or Fio. But what’s more fun about this game is that you can play it with your friends via Bluetooth connection.  With this kind of option, you can select whether you want to play it as Single Player or Multiplayer mode.  What about the buttons? You can also select where you want your game buttons to seat in your game screen. Now this is the only disadvantage for me. If you are going to download and play Metal Slug 3 on a small device – it will become a little bit challenge for you to control your game character. I think Metal Slug 3 will fit better when it is played on an Android tablet or iPad.

Metal Slug 3 - Main Menu

However, the only downside about this marvelous game is the price. Yes, my friend Metal Slug 3 doesn’t come for free. Apple iTunes is selling it for $9.99 for Apple devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.  While Google Play allows to download Metal Slug 3 for a price of $6.99. Well, I guess for a good and nice game like this we need to respect the developers pricing range.

Here’s a short video of how Metal Slug 3 looks when playing it on your device.

  • Download Metal Slug 3 for iOS here.
  • Download Metal Slug 3 for Android here.

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