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Microsoft Hosting 101: Facts Every Webmaster Should Know

Web hosting comes from many sources online, and with these various offers, it’s no secret that the price of webhosting is now cheaper than before.

When it comes to business applications, Microsoft may have to be the number one leader. Microsoft also offers web hosting services through its Microsoft office business product. Microsoft’s web hosting service like most hosts on the web is free, however, for more features you can always resort to additional charges to acquire the type of feature you need.

Microsof web hosting


What are the different functions of Microsoft web hosting services?

  • The free offer of Microsoft’s free web hosting comes with a catch and that’s limited features on its design outline. Here, you can work on uploading images and copy paste text based topics on its template. The control panel includes the web design tools, site traffic reports and management function for e-mail. The good thing about here is that users have access to details such as design tools, utility for emails, even site traffic chart. This feature is secure as well.


  • Web hosting in Microsoft has a considerable amount of server space that is highly above the standard space for those who charge for space. Their featured services includes domain hosting wherein your business can have its own domain name without any extensions and shopping cart secure site for those who venture on online business or ecommerce. Domains must all be registered, in the event that you register on their free offers, your domain name will have a temporary extension name.

Email Features of Microsoft Web Hosting

  • If you register on Microsoft’s web hosting services, especially for big companies, you are can acquire as many as 100 emails that you can use for the company. The said accounts also have their own unique features such as ads on the webmail threshold. This in return can lead to customers paying a certain amount to eliminate such advertisements. Since accounts run within the Microsoft web hosting, filtering and virus protection is a benefit that comes with the subscription.

E-Commerce Solutions

  • In Microsoft web hosting for ecommerce, there are several features offered to achieve its maximum potential such as space for quite a number of items, descriptions, inventory and shipping procedures. The tools used on Microsoft’s web hosting services for ecommerce can also combine eBay and their own business for simultaneous offer of products.

Managing documents on Microsoft web hosting

  • Managing documents is one of the features provided by this web host. The space created on the dedicated server primarily stores important documents and simultaneously updates new version for a more efficient retrieval. This type of manager allows you to retrieve documents at the same time has the feature of being password protected for users to download this online,

Microsoft web hosting services is popularly use by majority of individuals basically because of its name brand and popularity. Aside from this is the different feature it offers to maintain and provide solutions to web hosting services on the internet.

Krystine Joy Sitjar is a writer specializing on modern technology and business online. Also a co-writer at Broadband Expert, Krystine works on providing long term solutions to people who wants to start business online.


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