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Why a Microsoft Surface Phone makes Perfect Sense

Does Microsoft Surface Phone have that edge?

Microsoft Surface Phone is the next big thing? Probably! Even before the first Microsoft Surface Tablet was unveiled to the world earlier this year, rumours were flying around thick and fast regarding a possible Microsoft Surface smartphone in the pipeline. For the most part the notion was quashed as little other than hearsay and the company itself was of course unwilling to confirm any of the suggestion that they may be heading into the smartphone market. CEO Steve Ballmer openly admitted that the idea was interesting, but said that they had no plans other than their Surface Tablet project for the near future, which even today is still in its infancy. The Surface RT Tablet has launched to what Ballmer has called “modest” fanfare, while the Surface Pro Tablet remains a mystery.

As such, attention for the most part has been largely diverted away from the idea of an own-brand Microsoft Surface Phone, despite the fact that to go ahead with such a launch or even an announcement at this time would make perfect sense. While it might be true to say that the smartphone market is already overpopulated and offers little to no room for breathing, there are a couple of factors that make now the perfect time if Microsoft really does have the intention of going for broke with its own smartphone.

Microsoft Surface Phone

Breaking the Duopoly

Major carriers and cellular networks the world over have openly admitted that they are beginning to tire a little of the unshakable duopoly of Android and Apple. It isn’t that the two don’t offer the chance for lucrative gains, but is rather a case of thousands of networks being 100% at the mercy of the two market leaders and largely having no room for manoeuver whatsoever. Many have spoken about the way in which they would welcome, celebrate and support a worthy third player in the market, which may just have been launched in the form of Microsoft’s own Windows Phone 8.

The HTC 8X and the Nokia Lumia 920 may be flying the flag for Windows Phone 8 as of now, but there is every chance that a carefully designed and cunningly priced Microsoft Surface Phone would outshine both. Even the likes of Nokia and HTC have welcomed the idea of a Surface Phone from Microsoft, stating that anything that brings Windows Phone 8 more attention cannot be anything other than positive.

BlackBerry 10

There is simply no ignoring the way in which BlackBerry 10 release date delays have hit a sour note with the consumer public and industry figures. From high-end investors to those who sell wii games for a living and right through to run of the mill consumers, few have much remaining patience for the seemingly never-coming BlackBerry 10 range and OS. What this translates to for Microsoft is a massive and ongoing gap in the market offering at least a couple more months to capitalize on the misfortunes of RIM – before the BB10 launch takes place in Q1 next year.

It isn’t to say that the Microsoft Surface Phone could compete head to head with the BB10 L-Series should both arrive at the same time, but why set yourself up for a fight when you could easily stride to victory without a challenge?

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