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Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Review

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 has just been released for an average of $900 on release (approx £590), which is a little more expensive than the average 12-inch tablet. It is a slate tablet design, which means it is not designed to act as a traditional laptop, but it can perform similar functions (as you may have seen on their marketing pictures).

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Review

The Operating System And Battery

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 operating system is Windows 10, which is hardly surprising. The battery will last for around nine hours, which is about average for a slate tablet, and is good for a laptop. The amount of power taken up by the device will vary depending on the tasks you are undertaking. There are some apps that drain more power than others do.

The Higher Than Average Amount Of RAM

Its RAM is a staggering 4GB, which is more than some laptops. It beats its main contenders such as the Apple iPad Air 2, Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 and the HTC Nexus 9 by 2GB. It beats the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 by 1GB. The 4GB of RAM means it can handle more complex apps without crashing and freezing. It also means the device is less likely to experience lag when running numerous apps at one time.

Its Dimensions And Display 

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 has a 12.3-inch screen, and its dimensions are 11.5 in. x 7.93 in. x 0.33 inches. It has a resolution of 2,736 by 1,824 pixels, and it has 267 pixels-per-inch (PPI), which means it is 57% sharper than the average tablet. It has a touch screen display, and where other leading brands are less than ten inches, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is larger and yet still has a sharp picture.

The Storage Capacity And Connectivity

There is a reasonable amount of internal storage on the device at 128GB. You can also expand the storage with a MicroSD card. There are options for 256GB and 512GB too. The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablets have WiFi connectivity that allows you to connect to local wireless networks and fast broadband. The surface also has a Bluetooth 4.0 connection you can pair with various accessory devices.

The Cameras On The Microsoft Surface Pro 4

It has an 8 mega pixel front camera for your selfies and for your video chats. It also has an 8 mega pixel camera on the back to. The back camera can record up to 1080p had, which is the highest possible quality that a tablet camera can record at. The fact that the screen is large and sharp means you can see how crisp and sexy your pictures look without having to put them on your PC or laptop to review them.


It beats most tablet devices in almost all areas with the exception of battery life where it is fairly average. The manufacturers have put a lot of effort into making it tablet you can use as a laptop. You can buy the keyboard accessories and use it as a laptop if you wish because the Windows 10 operating system makes it very simple to the point of being intuitive.



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