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Microsoft Windows Phone 8 Gets Support From Samsung & HTC Against Apple

“Microsoft Windows Phone 8 will beat Apple down..”

It looks like Microsoft is cooking something BIG for their all tech-consumers and this includes their latest Microsoft Windows Phone 8. Yeah folks, it feels like that a gang of big companies will join together to go against Apple starting next quarter. And this will be headed by Microsoft as they got backed up now by most of the popular and known smartphone industries like Nokia, Samsung, Huawei Technology, and HTC.  These smartphone companies will be sporting the latest Microsoft Windows Phone 8 starting the roll out next quarter. ‘Talk about serious business. 🙂

Microsoft Windows Phone 8

This is the latest report we received in the business world where Microsoft is now in partner with the aforementioned mobile industries. These smartphones will be releasing their next mobile devices which will sport the latest operating system from Microsoft called Microsoft Windows Phone 8. The world’s biggest and largest software company has won the heart of those largest smartphone builders in the market and aims to battle against Apple. Apple is known as one of the popular and best-seller in the field of smartphones and tablets with its iPhone and iPad – not to mentioned their other Apple products.

Reports says that Microsoft Windows Phone 8 will be running under Snapdragon chips from Qualcomm starting next year. Also, it will be compatible also with Microsoft Surface tablet and other devices that will sport this operating system.  Moreover, it will have its own mobile payment technology which they calll “digital wallet” and a voice-recognition application which is similar to Android and Apple.  I am pretty sure Apple is now prepping themselves to sue Microsoft for patent issue – ‘nothing new about that.

If you think Microsoft is contented only with the support they’ve received from Nokia, Samsung, HTC and Huawei Technology, certainly not. The company also have the support of the known and big mobile wireless carriers in the U.S. – Verizon Wireless and AT&T.

Microsoft certainly is moving fast and aggressively to revive their company, name and their products. And to be honest, their Microsoft Windows Phone 8 looks promising. Let us just wait a little more if they will succeed with their plans.

Here’s a short video from CNETTV showing a quick demo of the new Micorsoft Windows Phone 8 start screen demo.

[Source:International Business Times]

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