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Why you might want counseling by email

Email counselling is  of great benefit to those people who find it difficult to go for face to face counselling sessions because of any reasons like the counselor being at far off location, the habit of not being able to talk comfortably face to face,  . Having someone around at the persons’ end who can email and respond to thoughts and feelings in a perceptive and non-judgmental way can be really helpful, but counselling is also about analyzing new perspectives and allowing you to find a way forward with your problems and concerns.

email counseling

Email counselling takes the form of a series of exchanges, comparatively corresponding by letter. You are able to express your ideas, feelings, complications and concerns, knowing that an adept and non-judgmental individual will read this communication and respond with affinity, candor, and respect and offer new perspectives and insight. Maybe you are just looking for help with a current complication, or would like to research a wider understanding of yourself.


E-counselling shares some sameness with more conventional forms of face to face counselling, but they also have some major differences, and some of the nuance such as body language and facial expressions are not present. At least for this reason, email counselling is not applicable for more serious mental health concerns. Many people after all find this of assistance because it may be simple to divulge arduous feelings or information from the luxury and safety of their adopted environment.

Counselling by email is conducive, and there is no need to crunch all the therapy into a time-limited session so people can take their time to think over their situation, and the counsellor can respond at a time that may not be possible with face to face counselling, and can also think over their responses too.

For some individuals, email counselling may be a first step towards captivating in face to face counselling, or may be email counselling is all they need to progress to where they need to be with their issues and concerns. Occasionally, just having someone out there to “listen” is a big relief, but because a counsellor can work with your problems in a skilled way, the counselling work is usually  much more powerful and important than that.

As read, counseling by email has many more advantages over regular face to face counseling and more and more people are tending towards it these days because of its easy availability, speed of communication and the easiness in communication.

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  1. There is some interesting technology that two scientists at USC’s Institute for Creative Technologies have developed.

    It’s a virtual psychologist called Ellie. It tracks a client’s eye gaze, how often they smile, if they lean back or forward, etc. to help therapists detect issues in their patients that they might have missed.


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