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Mini Hard Disk USB Flash Drive Custom Design

Do you want to have your very own mini hard disk usb flash drive, a custom design?  If you are not one of my avid readers, then I guessed you missed my previous post about this custom designed USB flash drive – USBling – I spotted last month. And now, I have another one for you and it is a mini hard disk ubiquitous USB Flash Drive design I found from I was really amazed on how it looks like and it is like having a dwarf-like computer components into your hand.  This mini hard disk USB flash drive is so popular that most often than not they are always sold out. As of writing this article they have 9 more left in stock and originally this is sold at $21.99 but now they’ve lowered it to $18.99 each.

infoThink Smallest Hard Disk Ubiquitous USB Flash Drive Design

This USB flash drive custom designed to look like a tiny hard disk was manufactured by a company named infoThink. This company is one of the many distributors of custom designed USB flash drives. And this is their latest and popular design, the Mini Hard Disk 8 Gb USB 2.0 Flash Drive currently being sold at Amazon online e-store.

The Mini Hard Disk 8 Gb USB 2.0 Flash Drive as I’ve said is now priced at $18.99 and it is one of the most portable USB flash drive because of its size 1.4 x 1.0 x 0.3 inches. There’s no need to install any software because it is already a plug-n-play device. It does really look and feel like the real thing not only because of its look but also of its metallic design. It is compliant with USB 2.0/1.1 and will work on Windows (ME/2000/XP/Vista/CE3.0),  Mac OS 9.0, and Linux 2.4.0 or higher.  Currently, the mini hard disk USB flash drive is available at 8GB – not bad!

Here are some of the photos provided by infoThink and if you want or planning to buy this mini hard disk USB flash drive, you can check it here – Mini Hard Disk 8 Gb USB 2.0 Flash Drive.

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