What Else Can Your Tablet Do? Mobile Entertainment at Its Finest

Mobile entertainment, of course…

Smartphones have ruled the mobile entertainment world for years. With the recent release and widespread adoption of tablets, though, smartphones now have some serious competition. According to research firm Pew Research, 19 percent of adults in the United States own a tablet. This number is expected to increase significantly in coming years; however, many people remain unaware of what their tablet is capable of doing. There are many benefits to discovering the full functionality of tablets, like the ability to watch full free movies online.

How Your Tablet Can Entertain YouMobile Entertainment For Tablet

Your tablet presents a multitude of entertainment options that have never before been presented in a single mobile device. Below are some of the ways your tablet can keep you entertained wherever you are:

  • Watch Movies and TV Shows. One of the most innovative mobile entertainment options of tablets is the ability to stream movies and TV shows directly onto the device. Previously, you would require a laptop to watch movies on an adequately sized screen. While some smartphones provide this capability, their screen size is quite limited. Due to the impressive screen size of tablets, videos can now be properly enjoyed. Video services have made their complete catalogue available to tablet owners. Riding the bus and waiting in line at the bank just became more enjoyable.
  • Gaming. Tablet technology has made great strides in recent years, providing for gaming technology that is on par with some laptop games. Game developers have also quickly adopted this new platform, making console-quality games available at your fingertips. Due to the touchscreen interface, it also provides for an unrivaled gaming experience. Whether you like puzzle games, action games or role playing games, you can find the perfect game for you on your tablet. Some apps are even available that allow you to play your childhood favorites on emulators.
  • Read Books. Perhaps the first appearance of the tablet was in the form of a dedicated eReader. These older devices made thousands of books available in one location. They also featured a screen that was similar to paper. While eReaders are still popular, this functionality has also been incorporated into tablets as well.
  • Socializing. Nobody can deny the mobile entertainment value of social networks. Smartphones also allow users to access their favorite social networks; however, the user experience is typically less enjoyable. There are hundreds of apps available for most tablets that allow you to access and take part in your favorite social network. You can easily add pictures and videos to your network of choice, and share your life with the world — all on a screen that’s not much smaller than your laptop’s.
  • News. If you like to stay informed about what is going on in the world, you’re in luck. Most major news outlets, as well as some alternative news outlets, have created apps that give you customized access to their reports. Not only are you able to read their articles, you can also watch video clips. If your favorite outlet doesn’t have a specialized app, you can use the web browser to access the news outlet’s website.

An Unparalleled Mobile Entertainment Experience

Previous generations were limited to handheld game consoles with screens only a few inches in size. Once smartphones became popular, they were able to be combined with touch interfaces and improved graphics. Now, tablets have provided a mobile entertainment experience that has never been seen before. You can watch your favorite movies, play high-quality games and interact with your friends regardless of your location.

About the Author: Stephen Chan is a contributing writer and technology enthusiast. Once he got his first tablet a few years ago, he was thrilled to discover he could stream free movies from sites like

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  1. I do all of these things on my tablet, but of all that you listed I probably game the least. I have a Nook HD tablet, and I really like it. I know more people prefer iPads or Kindles, but since I don’t work, do a lot of gaming, or need to Skype on my tablet, the one I have fits my needs perfectly. Honestly, mostly I read on it or watch HBO Go.


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