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How does a mobile phone signal repeater work?

The anatomy of a signal booster system, or how to amplify a weak signal.
The basic idea of a mobile phone signal repeater is not complicated and follows from its main purpose. The device has been created for the purpose of intensification of poor mobile coverage. The system catches an existing mobile signal from one place (outside, roof, window), improves it and transmits it to another place (usually inside, underground, etc.). The equipment intensifies captured signal that’s why it’s enough to have even the weakest one. Signal boosters provide your place with strong signals and assure you a stable mobile connection.


Three essential components of the system
To amplify mobile phone connection with such a system it is necessary to have three key elements. These elements are a signal amplifier and two antennas (external and internal). Let’s review every component separately.
External antenna
The first member of this chain is the external antenna. It has to be placed in any area with existing signal. It is very important that this antenna can catch at least a weak signal because if there is no signal the amplification won’t be possible. For example, if you’re trying to broaden mobile coverage in your house, you can place this antenna on the roof where the signal is usually stronger. Everything depends on a concrete situation and the antenna can be put near the window or at other appropriate place. This place must be chosen attentively as it determines the signal you will have inside.
The second important element is the signal amplifier. It is placed inside the boosted area and is linked to the external antenna by a cable. The determinative function of this device is to reinforce the captured signal that becomes strong and stable.
Internal antenna
From the amplifier the signal goes to the internal antenna that transmits the signal within the covered area providing your mobile devices with a reliable connection.
The advantage of signal booster kit
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