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Movavi Screen Capture Studio Review

Dubbed as one of the most complete screencasting software that is currently available in the market, Movavi Screen Capture Studio has everything that you’ll ever need from a screen capture tool. With this software, video capturing, editing and sharing has been simplified to a point where you’ll even be surprised by what you can do.

The software is astonishingly easy to install and work with. Anyone can actually work with this amazing software without having to stain themselves with video editing classes and tutorials. Once the software is successfully installed, it can be used to create how-tos videos or any other video for that matter, help you save videos captured from your webcam, capture Skype calls and even grab online streaming videos.


What makes this application even more awesome is that it comes equipped with an inbuilt video editing application that allows you to polish your videos and add a professional touch to the same. In addition to this, the video editor also allows to add stylish filters and other special effects to your created videos. All these features are made available and accessible courtesy of a very easy to use user interface.

To successfully create your videos, you need to follow these simple four steps and you are one step closer to becoming a professional:

Step 1: Get your parameters right

The most important thing before you start using this awesome tool is to set your screen capturing parameters. Begin by adjusting your frame rate, identifying the recording area and capturing the audio that you want to use in your video. This step also involves identifying your hot keys.

Step 2: Capture your Screencast


Using the identified hot keys, you may want to use the same to capture and manage your video. First things first, capture the screen shot you want while still recording with your PC. To ensure that you are on track, you may also want to set a time frame for Movavi Screen Capture Studio to complete the capturing process.

Step 3: Edit your Videos

This step involves cutting your footage into parts and going ahead to remove any parts that you’ve rendered unwanted. The software has the ability to allow you to add subtitles and music to your screencast. The in-built editor will also allow you to add special effects to your video and play the same with filters. Basically, what this tool will do for you is that it will give you an opportunity to create simple video with a professional touch which is always fascinating to a good number of users.

Step 4: Save your Video

The very last step involved when using Movavi Screen Capture Studio is about saving the created video. The software can allow you to save your video in any of the popular formats for use later on. Equipped with ready made presets for mobile devices, you can view the videos from any of your smart devices. If you prefer, you can still burn the files on DVD or share the same on YouTube or any other social media channel of your choice.

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