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Must-Have Features for a Garden Hose Fitting for Techies

People have a lot of different reasons for getting a fitting for a garden hose. For example, a fitting can connect two garden hoses together to make one long hose. This hose may be needed to water an area of the property that cannot be reached by an average size garden hose. Or, a fitting can contribute to the stronger flow of water through a garden hose. Perhaps the current fitting is worn out and the hose needs a replacement fitting to perform at its best. There are several things to consider when shopping for a fitting for a garden hose. Look at a few examples.

What Type of Fitting is Necessary?

When it comes to fittings, there are both female and male varieties. You have to know which type you need for your garden hose. For example, if you have two garden hoses that you want to hook together, you’ll need a double female fitting to accomplish this task. In short, the fitting you choose must suit the part that it is meant to connect with.

The Durability of the Product

It’s important to look at the durability of the fitting to make sure it can endure the pressure of the water running through the garden hose. Also, it should be able to withstand the changes in temperature outdoors as well as the wear and tear of being dragged around a piece of property during the watering process. Reading customer reviews of a product is one way to determine its level of durability. Parker fittings are an example of durable products that can withstand heavy use and outdoor conditions.

The Compatibility of the Fitting with the Hose

Checking the size of your garden hose is a necessary step before selecting a fitting for it. Generally, the specifications of a fitting are noted with each product making it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. Getting a fitting in the proper size makes your garden hose work efficiently and prevents leaks that can result in flooding as well as wasted water.

Finally, once you choose a fitting and connect it, it’s a good idea to run some water through your garden hose. This is the ultimate test of whether you chose a fitting in the proper size and whether it has been attached correctly.


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