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Need Cable for Internet: Where Do You Start?

Whether you’re thinking about getting high speed internet or you’re planning to switch from DSL to cable, you’ve likely been enticed by the promise of faster download speeds. While this is what you get, first you should ask yourself if you really do need high speed cable internet in the first place.

Need Cable for Internet

If you’re coming from dial-up you probably know firsthand about the advantages of high speed internet. Faster speeds not only mean faster downloads, but also faster browsing and streaming. The fastest dial-up modems struggle to do anything more than accessing e-mail, as today’s most basic websites are rich in multimedia content. Even downloading a single 1 MB photo will take at least two minutes, which would download in only a few seconds with high speed internet. Another major advantage of high speed internet over dial-up is being able to free up a phone line whenever you want to go online. In addition, wireless networking is more difficult with dial-up as new wireless routers don’t often come with an internal dial-up modem, and even if you did successfully set it up, the speed is so slow that it’s not even worth it.

But if you’re coming from high speed DSL, still there are definitely advantages of high speed internet on cable. Although the slowest high speed cable internet speeds are comparable to DSL, cable can get much faster. This is crucial if you do any video streaming, gaming, uploading, or have more than one person using the internet at once. Another advantage of cable internet is that you get the same speed no matter where you are on the network. DSL is distance-sensitive in that it requires you live close to one of your provider’s central offices, otherwise you could end up with even slower speeds.

Once you’ve decided you need cable internet, you should start looking at service packages provided by internet service providers in your area. Keep in mind that getting cable for internet does not require getting cable TV, even though they both use the same infrastructure and cable connections. That said, many providers offer cable internet and TV bundles which offer savings over buying the individual packages separately.

After you’ve picked a high speed cable service, installation by a technician is easy and relatively quick, especially if you already have cable TV. Your cable modem connects directly to the same coaxial cable that connects to your TV. Once you’re connected, your high speed internet is always online.

To summarize the advantages of high speed internet on cable:

  • Faster speeds than dial-up and DSL.
  • No need for a second phone line.
  • You get the same speed no matter your location.
  • Ideal for watching videos, downloading and uploading files, and gaming – at the same time.


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