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Why You Need To Use VPN For Your Internet Surfing

It’s quite important to note that there is no privacy on the internet anymore. The access points are wide open and finding an IP address is no longer as tedious as it used to be. There are rumors of the Government and big corporate organizations watching every activity on the internet, using statistical tools which pick up keywords and their usage from any point. This is probably not a necessary concern unless you have important data that might be controversial or perhaps a whistle blower on a spree.

The fuss about VPN clearly shows that there might be something special about it. Yes, there is. A virtual Private Network is a tool that masks all your activities online. It grants you a clear passage without a trace; this usually comes in handy for torrents.  VPN connections function in two specific ways,

  1. A VPN tweaks your IP address and gives you a generic one which can make you appear to reside in a different location anywhere in the world.
  2. A VPN masks your signals by creating an encrypted data, this data is impossible to trace and ensures that your system is completely undetectable online.

VPN supports a variety of devices and operating systems. There is VPN for Mac, windows 10, 8, 7, Ubuntu (12.04). It also supports mobile devices such as iOS, android and chrome extensions. Some recommended VPNs for Mac are ExpressVPN, Cyber Ghost, PrivateVNP, and NordVPN.

There are a million reasons why you need to keep your internet activities a secret. Here are a few reasons why you need to use a VPN for internet surfing;

  1. Streaming content on Netflix

If you are a lover of online shows, especially those offered by Netflix or Hulu then you would need some real time masking if you are streaming from anywhere outside the USA where there are geographical enforcements that act against certain internet usage. By activating VPN you can stay under cover and enjoy your favorite shows on your device.


  1. Exchange P2P files discreetly

P2P file sharing is highly frowned-at by cinema, music and media authorities as it undermines the efforts of those who are into the business to make profits. By law, these agencies have the right to sue P2P file hawkers so they disguise online, sniffing out offenders. A VPN can enable P2P sharing if you are into it, a VPN would slow down your systems bandwidth by a reasonable percentage but at least you would be safe.


  1. Public WIFI usage

Everyone loves free WIFI. It is one thing that can bring lots of people together in one location when there are no events. As awesome as these public WIFI appear, they are actually unsafe for sending mails and browsing. They leave your system vulnerable and open to the public without any form of encryption. Your signals are literally broadcasts. This is why it is advised to spend a token of 5-15 dollar to secure an efficient VPN provider that would ensure that your emails, searches and shared files are safe from public eyes.


  1. Break out of a restriction

Sometimes your school or work place has certain policies against visiting certain websites while using the school or company website. These usually come with accepting terms and conditions of usage and the stop you from using social sites like YouTube, facebook, twitter, instagram, Flickr, or even as simple as accessing your own private email account. There is always a way to go around it undetected. Your VPN allows you to create tunnels through these restrictions and yet remain unseen. Of course if your reason is justifiable or a major emergency this may be just the thing that saves the day.


  1. Bypass content surveillance

There are certain content that is restricted not just to work places or schools but also to countries. There are countries which are opposed to most things internet related and are strict with religion and therefore create surveillance to ensure complete compliance to country laws. You may find yourself working in one of these countries or areas and you need to get work done on the internet. This is a fine way to ensure that your work gets done without raising dust.




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