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Networks That Can Help You In Making Money From Apps

Today everyone is using Android phones because of so many features that it offers, and of course applications. This should be a great thing for app developers but in reality it is not. This issue because people download applications from the app store without the need of paying any sum for downloading. There are paid applications but very few are willing to pay for that. In such cases, app developers have to face the loss and there is no scope of app monetization. There are many ways by which android application  developers can make money from their application development. App developers should look at the StartApp Review  and StartApp.


Here it is explained how:

 How to make money?

 The one of the easiest ways to make money is by app advertising  and posting ads on your games and application. You can put it within the game or app anytime or anywhere you want. To sell, you will need advertising and sponsorships. Here are few biggest mobile advertising networks.



This is owned by Google now, this is one of the most popular and all over the world being used tool for the android monetization of application. It is very easy to integrate required features in your application and you will comparatively get detailed reports which will let you keep a track of your earnings.


This network provides the developers with the control over other different types of applications shown and there are some leading companies that have signed the contract with advertisers.  Developers can also use it to make money by making mobile versions.

Air push

This amazing platform is dedicated to Android application that offers multiple advertisements formats which includes icons, banners and smart walls. It provides weekly payments to developers and analytics that includes crash reports.

App flood


This service claims that developers get a part of profits in the form of commissions. This service lets you connect to different platforms and customize deal.


This platform offers such technology that is designed to maximize profits from all the users and maximize in spending from users, which are actively paying and serving ads to non paying users.


This is a network that works differently from all the other traditional networks. With this, users can easily unlock items within their applications by electing to engage with specific  android ad network.


 These are the networks, which are great for the developers for android monetization. There are many other ways by which you can make a lot of money by developing apps. In case you have developed apps that are out of the world, then there are definitely people who are willing to pay for your apps. On the other hand, you will find several platforms by which you can make money. Making money for developers for their monetize android app can be a daunting process. But if you know the right way how to do it is very simple and easy. Today you will find several app developers that are making money. You can too be a successful and wealthy developer, if you know the several ways of earning money through this profession. Learn from Android News and android forums.

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