New Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch with Retina display REVIEW

The recently launched Apple MacBook Pro with a retina display inspires itself from the MacBook Air and iPad. It weighs around 4.5 pounds and is 7.1 inch thin yet it manages to fit in the retina display with a resolution of 2880 x 1800 in it. You can sell laptop and buy this amazing MacBook pro with a retina display, the first device to forego the optical disk drive, comes with OS X lion and can be updated when the new software is updated. It comes with a MagSafe 2 charger which is thinner and longer than the Magsafe.

But does it really give what it promises? One can say that only after looking at a detailed review.

This MacBook pro was launched just a few weeks ago the famous and most awaited worldwide developers conference. What features does it have? For starters we can say that it has an added hour of battery life, new force touch trackpad, a super fast flash storage and an improved version of dedicated GPU. The basic features of the MacBook pro are that it offers a 16 GB of 1600 MHz RAM, 15.4 inch retina display, 2.5 GHz quad core processor namely Intel i7, 512 GB of flash storage and 2 GB RAM graphic card of Intel. Though it does not have any new processors but it is quite useful for people, who wanted to work on a larger screen, but the new flash storage has the ability to fast track the work and the force touch trackpad is highly useful for creative purposes.

Img Credits: Vcpost
Img Credits: Vcpost

It has an exceptional display quality, the lost lasting battery life, huge screen space and an improved graphic power helps the MacBook pro cover up issues related to its weight and the last year’s processor in use. The MacBook Pro has the classical design. When the MacBook was launched three years back it was commendable that how could the apple developers fit in so much in such a small device. But now also the device flaunts the same design which can be taken for granted.

If you want to use the MacBook Pro was creative purpose you will be stumped with the features and will value your decision to buy the MacBook. The new force touch track pad allows the users to give various inputs to the MacBook based on how hard you press them. For creative users this track pad can be really helpful during Photoshop. This can also act as a huge boon while going through audio and video clips and editing them later on. The new taptic virtual keypad enables the user to click anywhere even at the edges of the track pad. The better performance in this model is basically because of the flash storage which is also available on the 13 inch MacBook. It is hard to quantify the actual performance for this device but when taking it under actual use one can themselves see that the performance is much faster. Though it does not boasts of any dramatic changes but a few changes are worth seeing.

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