The New Nocturnal Security Cameras From Lorex: 5 Things You Need to Know

Lorex New Nocturnal Security Cameras

When it’s dark and no one’s around, criminals often have the cover to intrude without detection. Sadly, current statistics show that police only solve 13 percent of reported burglary cases because they lack the required evidence.

With this in mind, Lorex has created a line of Nocturnal security cameras that offer exceptional image quality, even at night. The result? Home and business owners can now have more security coverage for their property, and police can better identify criminals. When it comes to the nighttime happenings in and around your house or place of business, you don’t want to leave questions unanswered. Here are five ways this line of cameras provides a breakthrough in nighttime security.

1. 4K Ultra HD Resolution With 8 MP

The footage captured by Lorex security cameras is at a crisp, Ultra HD 4K resolution for discerning details clearly. It has an 8.51 MP Sony Exmor R CMOS image sensor, which means you’re getting more pixels in every shot so you can zoom in on something captured without losing much quality. The cameras record at 30 frames per second (fps), enabling moving people and objects like cars to be better captured in detail instead of blurred.

2. 4X Optical Zoom

Within the line of Nocturnals, some models feature motorized optical zoom lenses that let you see a smaller area up to four-times closer for more detail without losing quality. You can customize your field of view remotely from your mobile device by controlling the zoom and honing in on details like the handling of a cash register.

3. Color Night Vision

These cameras see at night through LED lights that project invisible infrared light. Most night vision cameras fully rely on contrast to illuminate details, resulting in black-and-white, static-like footage. However, the color night vision cameras from Lorex have highly sensitive image sensors that take in more visible light to produce full-color footage in the presence of low lighting. This allows better evidence of intrusions to be collected, such as hair color, clothing color and the color of vehicles.

4. Audio Features

With Lorex’s Nocturnal audio security cameras, you can capture more than just footage. The listen-in audio feature lets you discern voices and events that take place on or off the screen.

5. Fully Weatherproofed Design

These cameras are built using black or white aerospace-grade aluminum made to endure any weather conditions, including freezing temperatures. Whether you want them to stand out to potential intruders or stay hidden, you can find a bullet or dome model that serves your purposes.

Boost Your Nighttime Security With Nocturnal Cameras

Whether you need it at your home or your business, Lorex’s new line of Nocturnals helps you get a better handle on nighttime security. Depending on your needs, you can choose from top-of-the-line features like 4X optical zoom and audio monitoring. You can be sure nothing is left to question with color night vision technology, which adds a whole new layer of information that can better interpret events and be used as evidence in the event of a crime.

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