Nokia Lumia 610 Review

The new introduction of the Nokia in the windows phone device is the Nokia Lumia 610. Windows phone devices are normally very high-end device and do not get the clutch at below Rs.15000 due to high hardware requirement. But with the launch of Tango update, Microsoft has reduced the hardware requirements which made it possible to launch devices such as Nokia Lumia with a much lesser price range. Though it has reduced the hardware requirements but it definitely did not compromise on the smoothness of the UI for which the windows phones are so popular.

Now let us take a close look on the different features of the phone and decide whether the device is really worth buying as a budget smart-phone or not.

Nokia Lumia 610 Review


Despite of its price the Nokia Lumia 610 sports a very attractive look which may appeal to the brand conscious classy people too. It comes in magenta as well as blue and also in the traditional colors of black and white for those who like to keep it simple and elegant. It has a 3.7inch touch-screen and a bezel with a chrome ring running around. But the screen has got a great affinity towards grease so the users must be really aware of it. The back panel is also very prone to attract greasy stains instead of the matte finish. The top of the phone has got three switches which includes the ambient light sensor button, the proximity button and the earpiece port. At the bottom of the display it has three switches, the back key, the home key and the search key. There are considerable spaces between the three so that there is no accidental pressing of the wrong key. The camera is at the back and there is no front camera present in the device. Considering all this we can say apart from the plastic feel of the phone the look gives a rich and attractive look of a smartphone.


The Nokia Lumia 610 is outfitted with a striking 5MP camera with a LED flash. The camera button is positioned at the right-side of the device which makes it easy to reach. Though the images appear to be fine in the sunlight, they look really noisy in the low light areas. The video is smooth but can only be taken in the VGA which is not expected in a high-end smart phone device. The zoom also does not work properly as it loses the detailing of images and I don’t advise you use the zoom function frequently.


The Lumia 610 works on the Qualcomm MSM7227A SoC with a single-core 800MHz CPU and an Adreno 200 GPU. This is a low-grade version of the 1GHz MSM8255 on all the previous Windows Phone devices.  The RAM is also 256MB with only 8GB internal memory with no option for expandable memory.


Going as per the price of the device, the smoothness and features that this device sports, it is really commendable to look at the feature that it contains. With similar OS as the costly windows phone it gives an overall and holistic experience of a windows phone.

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  1. Nokia Lumia based on windows operating system and this is series of smart phone introduced by Nokia. In this series total 13 Lumia phone launched with latest release of Nokia Lumia 620 first based on Windows phone 8 and very awesome and latest features such as TFT LCD Clear Black screen, 96.5mm, 3.8″ screen size and 5 MP Led flash camera.


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