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Nokia Lumia 800 – Nokia’s First Real Windows Phone Now Hits UK, Philippines in 2012

Nokia World 2011, London – Along with the good news unveiled in this prestigious event is the latest and first real Windows phone from NokiaNokia Lumia 800. A while ago, I posted one of the “soon” cool device from Nokia however I am not sure if I can still wait for that “flexible” device from which you can bend and twist.  Anyway about that Nokia Lumia 800, actually it’s only one of the two Nokia Lumia family that I would like to discuss here simply it’s because Nokia Lumia 800 really captured my attention while reading the specifications, photos and watching some of the videos about it. Nokia Lumia 800 looks very similar with the recent released Nokia N9, the first MeeGo device but digging into this latest phone there’s actually more into it.

Nokia Lumia 800
Image from Nokia World Event 2011

Truly and I can also attest to it that indeed Nokia is one of the mobile phones from which you can rely on its durability.  And believe it or not, I still have their Nokia 6233 and I am still using it today.

Now in UK, three of the leading retailers and also carriers confirmed that they are now ready for Nokia Lumia 800.  In fact, they are now accepting pre-orders of the said phone.  The three carriers are Vodafone, 3 (Three), and Orange.  The first one who offers it and seems to be the cheapest is Vodafone for as low as £36.00/month with a contract of 12 months.  Below is the price matrix from Nokia.

Nokia Lumia 800 Pre-orders
Nokia Lumia 800 Price Matrix – Vodafone

For more details on how much is Nokia Lumia 800 depending on the available carriers, check it from Nokia by clicking this link.

Nokia Lumia 800 Overview(Specs and Main Features)

Here’s a quick look into Nokia Lumia 800, its main features and specifications.  First, you’ll love it’s design and the best word to describe it like any other tech reviewers says it – Nokia Lumia 800’s physical appearance and design is pretty seamless and sleek.  Its main shell from the back is polycarbonated which means that you don’t have to worry about scratches or dents anymore since the shell is not just covered by this paint but rather molded with the manufactured plastic coverings when it was made.  So even if you punched a whole into a cyan-colored Nokia Lumia 800, you’ll see the same color down under to its core.  And also the casing and packaging of the said phone will give you a nice grip with a curved ClearBlack AMOLED display, Gorilla Glass.  Having said, this makes the tiles on your display more vivid and good to look at – as I’ve said before it’s pretty much the same as with Nokia N9.

The dimension is 116.5mm x 61.2mm x 12.1mm having a weight of 142g. The size of the display is 3.7 inches across with a resolution of 800px x 480px. And of course like any other phones, it is also powered by a capacitive TouchScreen. The Nokia Lumia 800 also sports an 8MP camera on the back and 2MP on the front with 2.2 Camera F number/aperture.

To check out the full specification of Nokia Lumia 800, you can check it from Nokia Lumia 800 official homepage.

As for here in the Philippines, I am assuming that availability of Nokia Lumia 800 along with the prior Nokia N9 will be available before the mid of 2012.  It’s actually hard to tell because if you look at the statistics of best-selling phones here in the metro, most of mobile phone users are moving to either iPhones and mostly Andriod phones, and to be more specific Samsung Android phones.  So, marketing Nokia Lumia 800 will be a little hard but who knows?  Especially when most of the Pinoys here are more after the “durability” so that they can use it longer.  For the price, that’s going to be TBA as well since it will depend on when it will be shipped here.

But I promise to keep you updated once I received an update from Nokia.

In the meantime, you can check out this short video from YouTube to give you an overview of Nokia Lumia 800:



If you want to watch the video Keynotes from Nokia World 2011 Event, check it here (link).

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