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Nokia N9 Is Now Officially Released The First MeeGo Phone – Price And Release Date

Early this month I posted the Nokia’s first Meego smartphone plan but it looks like there had been some change of plans and now it’s official, Nokia released their first MeeGo phone Nokia N9 comes with a slogan saying “All it takes is a SWIPE“. Nokia is simply implying that their latest pride is easy to navigate and fast and I must also emphasize “button-less”.  And according to Nokia’s Press Release official website they said that Nokia N9 starts shipping now.  Most people think that this could also be the same design of the first Nokia Windows Phone (it could be).

Ellis Hamburger of Business Insider reports that although Nokia made such announcement that Nokia N9 is now available worldwide, but it won’t be (for some unknown reasons) available in the United States, United Kingdom and Germany(but I guess someone from the mentioned regions can still purchase it and have it shipped) at a price of $650.00 or at least PhP 28,000.00 here in the Philippines or an estimate of EUR 480(16GB) and EUR 560(64GB).  

Nokia N9 Designs

Ten years ago, I still remember my first Nokia mobile phone – Nokia 8250. I am not being nostalgic here but my point is that for years Nokia here in the Philippines became so popular and most people used it compared with any other handheld mobile device.  Nowadays, Nokia must evolve into something new to compete and join with the mobile bandwagon – to simply put it, with Nokia N9 they have now a fighting chance to compete with other mobile devices such as Apple’s iPhone generation and Samsung’s Galaxy S phones.

Nokia N9 Red

The Nokia N9 sports a 3.9-inch AMOLED screen and not just any glass screen, its made of scratch-resistant curved glass.  Although N9 doesn’t have any camera on its front like any other new devices, its rear camera is an 8MP Carl Zeiss with auto-focus sensor that can capture videos and images in HD quality. The Nokia N9 also comes with three different colors: Black, Cyan, and Magenta and again you can choose from 16GB or 64GB memory. As for the applications, most of the known and popular social-networking applications are there like Twitter and Facebook; games like Angry Birds is also now available; Foursquare and Skype is also available. And many more.

On the other hand, we all hear that Nokia is moving and will be investing into Windows as their devices’ next operating system. If that will be the case, are we seeing MeeGo’s short life in the mobile industry? Who knows?

Nokia N9’s teaser video:

[Source: Nokia via BI]

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