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Introducing Nokia Reaction Bluetooth Headset Powered with NFC and Ear Detection

Nokia now introduces their latest gadget to accessorize your Windows Phone called Nokia Reaction Bluetooth Headset (BH-907). The information came from the recent video released by the aforementioned company featuring their incoming and latest innovative Bluetooth headset with NFC pairing capability. Take their teaser as a quick peek video of what’s coming from this Finnish company. Sadly, the information we have seen from this soon to come out (unconfirmed) Nokia Reaction Bluetooth Headset is somehow insufficient. But looking in the positive side of the story, this Bluetooth NFC headset is quite promising.

Nokia Reaction Bluetooth Headset BH-907

According to Nokia, one of the best features of this Bluetooth headset is their improved AlwaysReady technology that allows your smartphone to automatically transfer audio into your headset and vice versa. The thing that really fascinates me is that you can easily pair it with NFC enabled smartphone – Nokia, I assume of course. You just need to tap the headset into the Nokia NFC smartphone then its ready to go. Unlike the conventional Bluetooth headset where you still need to push or tap some buttons to enable and detect your Bluetooth device.

Another thing is the ear-detection which reminds me of the Samsung Galaxy S III’s new auto-detection features. Also, the new Nokia Reaction Bluetooth Headset features three (3) microphones which will automatically adjust your listening and talking experience because of its noise reduction feature. Also an automatic volume controller that adjusts itself automatically depending on your surroundings’ disturbances or noise.

Here’s the official Nokia Reaction Bluetooth Headset with NFC and ear-detection video uploaded by Nokia:

Since the release of Nokia Reaction Bluetooth Headset video yesterday, there were already some reactions from its viewers. One of them is on which Nokia’s Windows Phone version will this new Reaction Bluetooth Headset compatible or can be paired.  Many tech-consumers believes that this will be compatible with Nokia’s upcoming Windows Phone 8 (WP8) with NFC support later this year. Another speculation is that the Windows Phone from the video is the Nokia N9. But my question really is that will this be exclusive only with Nokia’s upcoming Windows Phone with NFC support? I hope it can still support Nokia Windows Phone’s predecessors.

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