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An Enhanced Office Version For Tablets

Here is great news for all the office loyal tab-o-holics. After a long wait Microsoft finally unveiled a brand new edition of its widely used, lucrative productive office suite, with a fully functional word processor, spreadsheet and email program especially designed for tablet computers and internet storage form factors.

Just like an imminently remodeled Windows Operating System, the latest office suite responds to touch applets as well as command input through a keyboard, mice or any other mode. This dual functionality is considered to be a significant innovation that Microsoft has introduced after a long wait. The additional touch based control unit will enable Office to extend its arms towards the fast growing tablet and slate booksector. Where currently Apple dominates the tablet market with the incredible iPad, Microsoft is soon going head to head with its very own tablet, Surface.

Office for tablets

Microsoft Office is one application for which till date there’s not been any practically acceptable alternative. With the plethora of options and functionality that comes along with the office suite it’s quite impossible to move onto the available alternative open-source applications!

One of the brilliant innovations implemented by Microsoft in the new office is that the program will store documents online through Microsoft’s SkyDrive service by default. Users would just have to changesettings while storing those documents on their personal computers. The program is designed to read and interpret human nature through the various actions, commands or nature of the office usage. Also the new office is enabled to remember where the author last left off in the document as it auto saves data inputs. This is to save the user from recreating the entire document once more.

Does it come with reduced functionality?

No, Microsoft hasn’t compromised on any of the features or functionalities, albeit it is aimed towards the portable computers. The internet based services approach is something Microsoft has been testing for long and this update was necessary if it had to had to sustain in the market. Google has been promoting its own suite of similar office usable programs for some time. Apple has also long back implemented iCloud for mobile computing platforms. Today users prefer smart devices and smarter thinking apps. The new version of office is considered to be a step towards the smarter era.

The new Office is purposefully designed to mingle with Windows 8 and give its users a never before experience with the cloud integration. According to the words of Microsoft’s CEO Mrteve Ballmer “It is the most ambitious ever” revamp of Microsoft Office which is designed to make communication flexible than ever before and literally breaks all barriers to give its users a “WOW” experience.

The new Office will be baptized “Office 2013” and would be officially available only with and after the Windows 8, which is all set to be released later this year.

However a peek-a-boo edition is currently available at . Microsoft didn’t however reveal its pricingor a tentative release date.

The new Office 2013 has already created a buzz amongst the tablet users and this is surely going to be e a blockbuster release this year!

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