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Park4U App: You Can Now Park Your Car With iPhone Remotely

During last week’s International Motor Show 2011 held in Frankfurt, one company that goes by the name Valeo, a company which focuses mainly with automotive industry, demonstrated their latest iPhone application that will change the way you park your car in the future. The application will enable the iPhone user to control the car’s accelerator and brake while the car’s sensor will automatically enable to control the car’s steering wheel when doing a parallel or perpendicular parking. It’s actually cool if I may say so, because you can use this not only when parking your car. I think if you can remotely drive your car like the way you do it on a RC toy car, you can also have your car fetch you while you stand in front of a grocery store to make it easier for you to load all those bags into your compartment – talk about Batman’s bat mobile isn’t it? Or if the space where you want to park your car is too narrow which will make it too difficult for you to get our from your car after you park it.


However, I don’t think this will be available to just “any” cars since this technology will only be available and have been tested to those cars with multiple distance sensors (which will automatically trigger the breaks before your car hits an object). From Valeo Innovation’s official website, it shows some Park4U enabled cars like Audi A3, Lancea Delta, VW Tiguan, VW Passat, VW Passat CC, VW Golf VI, VW Touran, and the VW Sharan (the one used for 2011 International Motor Show demonstration). Well, if you have the cash then this application is for you.

Here’s a short video clip from Valeo showing how you can park a car with iPhone.

[Source: CNET via iDownloadBlog]

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