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Pinoy Henyo Free Android Game App Gets Updated

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Alfred Ocon
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On December 27, 2011
Last modified:August 4, 2013


Pinoy Henyo for Android devices is now here. This great, popular and best Teamup Game Word there is for Filipinos or Pinoys. Unfortunately this is no longer available in the Google Play or also known as Android Market. The first reason has something to do with branding that is why the game was changed and updated into a new look and name known as "Are you the brighTTest?". But the developer wasn't lucky at all as even the new game was asked to be removed. The good thing was we found a good copy of Pinoy Henyo before it was removed and we'll be more willing to share it with you.

I don’t know about you guys but according to my incoming web traffic analytics and from the Android Market’s Top Free App – Pinoy Henyo Teamup Game Word is still on the top (it sways only from top 1 and 2) competing with Facebook for Android. Based on my Google Analytics report from the time I posted this cool and free Android game application last week, I yielded 1,893 incoming unique visitors looking for this cool game – and still counting.  Early this morning I got news that the game was again updated with more additional features and the latest version now is Pinoy Henyo v1.2.  But before you update your Pinoy Henyo game, I will give you some ideas on what to expect from the latest release.

Pinoy Henyo Loading

Indeed, this Android game is the latest craze not only here in the Philippines but also for those Pinoys who lives in other countries but are familiar with the game.  The game popularized by a noon time show Eat Bulaga is now available on Android smartphones and tablets.

Here’s some of the features of Pinoy Henyo Android App:

1. Play the Henyo word for 2 minutes;
2. Guess as much Henyo words for 2mins;
3. Same as the second feature but now in 3minutes;
4. Set your own word – you can use this if you have a Jackpot portion of the game;
5. Settings – this is the additional menu on Pinoy Henyo v1.2.0

With the added Settings menu, you can now choose a specific category before you play the game and you can choose from either Random, Tao (people), Bagay (things), Hayop (animals),  Lugar (places), or Pagkain (food).  Also with the latest release you can now set your own color for the background and foreground. Another part of the menu is you can now opt out the scrolling features of the word.  Finally, for the oldies there’s an option now to adjust the text size. 🙂

Here are some of the screenshots I captured after updating my copy of Pinoy Henyo for Android devices.

Pinoy Henyo Whats NewPinoy Henyo LoadingPinoy Henyo MenusPinoy Henyo SettingsPinoy Henyo CategoriesPinoy Henyo Custom Colors

To upgrade your Pinoy Henyo Android Game to v1.2.0, just connect to an Internet WiFi hotspot and tap on your Menu -> Market then look for “Pinoy Henyo” – Click on Upgrade. Viola!

This game is no longer available in the Android Market but the author/developer provided us a more slicker and better same Android game app.  For more information, check this link.


But you can still download the original Pinoy Henyo for Android launched by Alfred Ocon from this link – Download Pinoy Henyo for Android.


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