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The Possibilities with Ultra-fast Broadband

A super fast internet connection seems but a dream. With cloud migration becoming a norm for operations, keeping up without a business broadband package will be a challenge. A national broadband project will ease this burden and open up new opportunities not just for the workforce but also small businesses.

Fast internet connection is but a luxury to countries who have no choice but to settle for slow internet speeds. But wouldn’t it have been a big difference if everyone can experience fibre optic connections? Let us list down the wonderful things we can do with ultra-fast broadband.



Telecommuting is certainly not new. Last year in a research, 70% of Kiwis want telecommute options. It has been noted of its advantages in terms of productivity and work-life balance. But have we really harnessed the power of how it’s like to telecommute? One of the challenges of telecommute is having a stable and reliable internet connection to be able to connect to colleagues and peers from wherever they are. Continuing our example, in New Zealand, with the broadband internet deals lying around, you don’t need to distinguish between the office and your home, except maybe having to work in your p.js. And those endless video call meetings? Not a problem! You can even set up a telepresence right at your home if you’re lucky enough.

Build a business

Building a business is a daunting task. Costs alone will make your head spin. But what if you can nix the cost for a place and just build your dream business from home? Today, a business is not a physical location. It’s a business when you can service and transact with your customers from wherever you are, even from the comforts of your home. Some businesses are heavily dependent on reliable and fast internet connection, such as a contact centre business or eCommerce, where speed is the business advantage. You can build your operations right at your home, as long as you have ultra-fast connection.

Enjoy cloud to the fullest

Whether you work in the corporate world or not, you can enjoy cloud like everybody else. Cloud is now the norm, and it wouldn’t take long before everybody will be taking advantage of its power. The ability to be present anywhere is one of the advantages of cloud. Access your files, music, movies and business from anywhere enables you to be productive as your bosses would like! The work that you do at home and at the office are accessible by backing up your files as many times as you want. A fast connection is the cloud’s best buddy.

Play online games to your heart’s content

With gamers, it’s fast or none at all. To immerse yourself in a gaming experience means the right ping time whatsoever. Competition is fierce and you need to be “in” the game to get a chance at a championship. But with slow speed, can you even fight? If gaming is a part of your life with an online character that needs to be upgraded every chance you get, then you can’t compromise on speed. Don’t suffer ping rates or lag situations at all and uploads and downloads both make a difference. Ultra-fast is the way to go.

More Room for Possibilities

A connected life is becoming increasingly a reality, in some countries at least. Lucky for them. Being connected in the most reliable and stable way is more than just connection to social media, but our internet connection is easing its way even into our most basic tasks such as allowing automation into the home or building businesses from anywhere, things we thought were not possible until the internet came. But it’s here and it’s going to get even more wonderful if we have the right tools.

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  1. Hi Pulkit, interesting post about ultra fast broadband. Do you know also about the SpaceX (founder Elon Musk from Tesla) plans for worldwide satellite internet with fast speed and low latency? Grtz., Robert


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