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Potential Dangers To Your Business Computer

Anyone who has a business computer – and let’s face it, that’s most of us these days – knows just how dependent we can be on them. And it’s not just us individually. Our businesses hold valuable information on employees’ computers and it’s vital that we keep them safe and secure from possible threats.

Cyber criminals are becoming increasingly subtle and more sophisticated in their attacks, as pointed out in this report from the Wall Street Journal, meaning that all businesses must take steps to protect their computers, employees’ accounts and email. Be it DDoS attacks, hackers, viruses or malware, you can’t wait to take action on cyber security.

Email security issues

Email still provides the biggest window of opportunity to those looking to maliciously attack businesses. Email attacks are getting bigger, more widespread and more difficult to avoid and contain than ever before. Upscaling firewalls and introducing monitoring systems can only go so far, so to really ensure your business’s computers are protected, it may be time to look at a more complete email management solution such as Mimecast. Mimecast is the only unified email management service on the market, and provides a cloud-based security service which is 100% virus-proof, stops spam and malware, and carries out advanced email traffic monitoring.

Malware and phishing

Major threats to your business computer can come from malware and phishing contained within emails to your company and employees. Malware will often be hidden in the form of links or attachments which, once clicked or opened, will download viruses to your business computer, making it malfunction and open it up to data leaks and identity theft. Phishing emails can also cause major problems by appearing to be from a reputable source, tricking employees into giving out sensitive information. Ensuring you have a good email security tool will help prevent both of these type of attacks.

Third party threats and hackers

So much of the business communication between your company and others can unfortunately be of interest to third parties. Hackers can glean vital business information about strategy and tactics if an organisation’s email system is vulnerable. With a closed circuit messaging system, you can ensure that your emails are safe and secure, and viewed only by those they are intended for.

If you want to ensure that your business computer is safe from these cyber threats, which could give your competitors an edge on your company, then make sure that you consider a system which will increase your email security. This could negate the requirement for complex email systems which have to be micro-managed in order to reduce attacks. Ultimately, this will save your company time and money in finding solutions for attacks, and will make life easier for both network managers and your employees.

Investing in a cloud email security system will ensure that your business’s computers are protected against email threats such as malware, phishing, spam and DDOS attacks, as well as preventing data leaks which can be highly compromising for your business.

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