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Predictions for Healthcare for Techies in 2017

Each year, the team of Transformational Health at Frost and Sullivan brainstorm to come up with their list of predictions for the new year. 2017 will usher in a continued amount of uncertainty and turbulence, but with all of the uncertainty, Adelphi University online master in health informatics graduates can be certain that information technology will continue to grow in the healthcare industry. It will flourish and make unprecedented impacts on the industry.


What are the Predictions for Healthcare for Techies in 2017
What are the Predictions for Healthcare for Techies in 2017


The following are some of the predictions the team has decided on for 2017.

More Emphasis on Transparency and Price Control with Drugs

Political pressures and public outcries regarding the surge in prescription drug costs will force health experts to bring about transparency measures for the price of drugs. This is especially true for cholesterol and diabetes medications. These are two drugs where cheaper generic manufacturers are gaining acceptance in the marketplace.

Artificial Intelligence Transforms Informatics for Medical Imaging

As more health care professionals and health experts realize that AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a tool that can be used to support a decision and not make a decision, and the increase of AI clinical support tools will increase over the next few years.

In 2017, online MSHI degree professionals believe that AI will play a very large role in medical imaging. It will complement radiologists with advanced imaging informatics support, as well as advanced interpretation.

Apple Will Move into the Healthcare Sector

Apple has been very focused on healthcare for the past few years. The company has expressed a commitment to developing more services and products for actions in the clinical setting. In August 2016, Apple bought Gliimpse, a medical records start-up company. This acquisition was done to expand the company’s presence in the healthcare information and technology marketplace.

It will complement other solutions that are already in the market including:

  • CareKit
  • ResearchKit
  • HealthKit

This acquisition also marks the tangible shift the company has taken to provide more solutions that are clinically oriented.

Behavioral Health Gets the Digital Health Toolkit

Wellness programs and digital platforms for health coaching that have proven behavioral therapies will make their way to rehab centers and post care settings as alternatives. These innovative online engagement platforms for patients will be able to capture personalized information on behavioral health and lifestyle. After receiving a patient risk classification summary, the practitioner will then be able to plan a holistic approach to treat the patient.

The Consumer Will Become King in the Decision Making for Healthcare

Consumerism is a concept that has been quietly entering into the healthcare industry. The industry focus has changed from volume to delivery models that are based on value. With the increase in consumer engagement, consumers are becoming more receptive to receiving information. They also want to participate at all levels of their healthcare including pre-care and post-care.

Technology is also playing a very important role with this shift by creating connected health products like AI and wearables.

These are the 2017 predictions for the healthcare industry. As technologies advance, the evolution of the healthcare industry will continue to impact consumers, health professionals, and the marketplace.



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    We still have time for all such regulations. I am into Pharma industry and getting such level w hen customer is King is too far since Doctors are the puppets for pharmaceutical companies.


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