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Quality Content Around The Globe: Accessing It All With SmartDNS Proxy

The internet has opened many doors for many people to access media content in ways they wouldn’t have considered just six or seven years ago. Long gone are the days of going to the video store to pick out a movie or episodes of a television show to watch. Customers no longer need to put things on hold at the local library, or wait in line at the movies, or make sure they’re home at the right time to see the newest episode of the shows they love.


The internet has made both streaming and downloading content easy, and instantaneous. Now, one simply has to sign up for a streaming service, or pay-as-you-go from many reputable companies like Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, HBO Go, and several others.

Whether you are on the go, or have simply cut the cord on tradition cable television services, the world of entertainment can still be at your fingertips! All it takes is an internet connection and a few clicks of the mouse.

The only thing that could block one from being to enjoy all of these services, oddly enough, is the physical location of their computer or home. Unfortunately, not all content is available in all corners of the globe. This can be frustrating to someone who is constantly on the go, travels for business, or has been recommended a show by a friend from another country. With the internet stretching around the world, and connecting people who normally wouldn’t be able to talk, the popularity of a show from one country may find its influence growing in a totally different spot around the world!

Unfortunately, there are sometimes stipulations, or legal agreements, or contractual obligations that an entertainment studio or distribution company may be bound by which involve limiting the access of some shows in some regions. These type of situations can end with you the consumer being frustrated because you receive a “content not available in this region” message when you try to watch your favorite show.

Thankfully, the internet has created a solution for that, too! With DNS and VPN programs, your computer can sidestep the blockades put before you, and access content that was once unavailable. How does it work? Well, to put it simply, the DNS or VPN service reroutes the signal from your computer, and “tricks” the streaming or downloading host into believing you are located somewhere where the content is available.

This process is legal, safe, reliable, and easy to use. Products like Smart DNS Proxy for American Netflix Access can help you gain access to all of the shows and movies currently unavailable to you by traditional means.

These programs typically do not store your information, they work on most every platform and internet-connected device, and will work on as many devices as you have. There are 200+ services implemented to work with SmartDNS Proxy, so whatever streaming service you enjoy, SmartDNS is more than likely set up for it.

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