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Review: EaseUS Data Recovery Software 2017

When you lose an important file from your hard drive or any USB drives, it becomes a too much of a hassle to deal with. But thanks to all the file recovery software today, we can with no effort get back those files. EaseUS data recovery software is one of the best file recovery software you can find. With this review, we will find how good it really is and discuss all the features it offers.

EaseUS is almost a pioneer when it comes to data recovery solutions. They’ve been in this area for more than a decade now. The EaseUS Data Recovery software’s latest version is available for Windows and Mac PCs as well as Android and iOS smartphones. A free version (limited to 2 GB) is offered for you to try it and then there are two Pro version to which you can upgrade for all features with no limitations.

After the installing and running the EaseUS Data Recovery software, a wizard-based interface welcomes us. It asks the file location to scan right away. We can select a particular partition or any file path we want and then press scan. This initiated a quick scan and it completed quite fast like expected. The results are opened up in a new window and simultaneously deep scan gets started in the back. We can cancel it if we want if the file we are looking for is found in the quick scan itself. The file explorer window is good to work on with a nice layout and has multiple views like list, thumbnails, etc. There’s also a search feature where we can enter a keyword for a file we are looking for. We liked the whole interface; it was clear and neat.

The deep scan is meant for files that were deleted and the sector is overwritten by other new files. Naturally, the scan takes longer depending on the partition you are scanning. Fresher partitions are easier to scan and takes lesser time. EaseUS data recovery’s deep scan starts automatically and once completed the results are shown below the previous quick scan results. We now get the same utilities like we had quick scan and look for the lost file. The deep scan results brought back even very old files which was surprising. Finally, after finding the files we needed we can select them all and just press the key Recover. Later we have to select a location which is not the same where the file is being recovered from and that’s it, we got the file back. The files were unscathed.

Final words

EaseUS has given a solid software to recover deleted files like it has always and we really like it. You can get your small deleted files with ease using the free version itself. But if you are like a professional who handles large files often, their Pro version would help a lot which comes with benefits like bootable emergency media, etc.

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