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The review about EaseUSTodo Backup Server

Everyone who manages Windows servers or workstations faced a question that how to back up the server/workstation? There are several options are available in the market, some reliable or some unreliable. People face different problems in each tool regarding performance and with some they won’t notice they have backup running at all.

So EaseUS provides a better tool as EaseUS Todo Backup Server for solving all of your back up issues. EaseUs Todo Backup Server uses disk imaging technology to support efficient and cost effective Windows server backup. The software has several options like incremental and differential backup, hot backup and file backup exclusion to recover the data.

The backup server gizmo offers scheduling and reporting tool along with variety of recovery and restoration features. Application has a user friendly interface that is very easy to use and organized by basic function. It has two tabs as home and advanced. Home tab provides quick access to simple backup and recovery operations and advanced tab helps in heavy lifting as whole disk or simple partition as well as Exchange and SQL server backups.


EaseUS Todo Backup Server helps to schedule full system, disk, Partition and even file-level backups. You can select a backup type and after that you just need to set up the parameters of your backup to include scale and frequency. Recovery tab will help to recover the full systems, disks, partitions and individual files. You can store your data as on cloud storage or wherever you want to store it.

You can also burn an image to a disk and verify its integrity before wiping the drive. Apart from that tabs are used to create an emergency start disk as well as enable Pre OS operations to help you get a head start on recovering that image to the drive you accidentally formatted. You will find many options that are available in one package for backing up to any format, from tape drives up to the largest SSD. With this tool you are free to recover data to and from any local or network-connected drive or device and dynamic disk drives.

If you are facing some problem in cloning hard drive to a new and bigger one for your PC and you are confused that how to clone hard drive windows 7 then don’t worry EaseUS Todo Backup Server is the perfect choice.

So if you want to boot your computer from the cloned disk then you need to use Disk clone function. Besides this EaseUS Todo Backup Server provides file backup, disk backup, full backup and many other back up options to protect your data. The application is compatible with Windows Server 2012 R2/2008/2003/SBS.

EaseUS Todo Backup Server is a cost effective solution that protect Windows server and restore them quickly. You can download the free trial version that is available on its website Apart from that you will get some documentation along with this software which is quite helpful for performing basic operations. It is the best backup tool for server that I have dealt with so try it by you and be amazed!


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