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Samsung CTV: Be In Awe Of Television

The Samsung CTV has the best color and resolution ever found on a television. Ever. It’s interesting to see just how far we have come in terms of television. In the last century we went from no television at all, to black and white TV, then to color TV. Within a few short decades, cable and satellite television starting popping up, allowing consumers to watch television in niches like cooking, home design and improvement and sports.

If that wasn’t enough, just look at the last 15 years as further evidence. The old tube TVs we all grew up with transformed into CRTs and then into flat screens. While I think it is safe to say flat screens are here to stay, they too have improved tremendously over the years.

The technology movement has continued recently, but moved inside televisions to start offering us hi-def, then truly hi-def (1080), and now continuing on to offer even better definition with 4k televisions.

Now here we are where a company like Samsung comes out with a television that has stunning colors and the deepest blacks ever. While some may try to argue that to the average viewer these features will not be appreciated, I beg to differ.

In the case of this TV, they are so apparent that even the most casual television watcher will notice the amazing color it offers. It will stop them in their tracks and force them to ask, “what is it about this TV that is so incredible?”

With all of the other benefits of a flat screen television – wide viewing angle and lightweight design, having a crystal clear picture with bright, vivid color and deep blacks – this television is a stand out star compared to the rest of the market. It wouldn’t surprise me if other manufacturers start buying this television to try to replicate what it does so well.


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  1. really its now looks cool in gold color really amazing only its color its make more better from iPhone you can see that both are similar in looks but have many difference


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