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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Specification Rumors

Ever since the Samsung Galaxy Note series was introduced back in 2011, people had been praising this phablet series. The latest iteration to the Note series was released no more than three months ago. However, people saving money for a new smartphone have already started making guesses about the upcoming Galaxy Note device so that they could save even more money and purchase the latest smartphone which is assumed to unveil on September 2015. The newest Samsung phablet is probably going to be named Galaxy Note 5; and maybe there will be another version with a curved display like the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Specifications

As of yet, there has been no official development news on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. It is too early, there hasn’t been any significant development on Android operating system since the Note 4 came out either. However, assuming on the processors that are scheduled to release soon we have made our guess about the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 specifications.

The Note 5 is most likely to have a Snapdragon 810 processor for the LTE variant. Samsung releases every smartphone with different variants and there’s an Exynos version as well, which is basically targeted for the 3G based markets and Note 5 won’t be any different. There hasn’t been any update on a latest Exynos processor development by the time this report was being written, however we assume it’s an Exynos 7420.

4 GB for the RAM is quite enough on a smartphone and the Snapdragon 801’s 64 bit operation capability provides utilizes the most of a bigger RAM. The apps will run butter smooth and there will be a whole new era of multitasking. Since Samsung always emphasizes on the multitasking capability on their Note devices, you can expect something bigger. There might be a whole new package of software level implementation to utilize the most of the superior hardware package. S-pen to the rescue; multitasking on a Note device feels unique and more productive than ever and a big applause goes to the S-pen.

Speaking of this S-pen, we could expect a more fine-tipped nib than now. Adding an eraser to the S-pen would make things even better, only if Samsung implements this new feature.

Adding new camera sensors make photography a richer experience. The 21 megapixel camera would be well enough for all lighting situation especially dimly lit ones; there will definitely be some sort of ground breaking stabilization controls for both still photos and videos. The front camera isn’t confirmed yet, it could be a 5 MP with wide selfie feature like the Note 4. We don’t expect a front camera flash on a Samsung flagship device, yet.
The display is most probably going to be 4k. The craze is going crazy all over the world and if a smartphone is to feature 4k displays, that would begin a new era in smart phone technology. To compensate for the higher power consumption, Samsung would require implementation of better battery and power saving techniques.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is surely going to be one best flagship devices of all times. Samsung must have planned some epic ways to celebrate their 5th generation of Note devices; let’s just wait for it.


  1. If the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 comes with these specifications, it would be great phablet and could beat all others. Let’s see in middle of August.

  2. Samsung is always on my top-brand list, when it comes to buying a Smartphone. Phablets are particularly not I would wish to buy, but the specs are surely amazing.

  3. Hope Samsung galaxy note 5 will come with all above mentioned specifications Apart from this recently Samsung .Galaxy s8 specifications also leaked online.hope you will cover it soon.


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