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Samsung NX300 Can Replace a Medium DSLR

NX300 is the latest mirrorless camera launched by those from Samsung, replacing the previous model NX210.

At first impression, the camera looks great. The metal body with inserts in 3 colors, black, brown, white is equipped with an APS-C CMOS sensor of 20.3MP, Hybrid AF system, with a range from ISO 100-25600, shooting 1080p FULL HD and Wi-Fi connectivity integrated.


The camera is equipped with a 3.3 inch AMOLED touch screen, which folds in different positions depending on the desire and the position of the photographer.

Pretty good specifications so far and it’s nice to see that Samsung is competitive not only when it comes to launching smartphones, but also with cameras.

Design and features

The NX300 first impressions are positive, the body of the camera has very good quality metal with synthetic leather inserts and plastic buttons.

NX300 is slightly larger and heavier than its predecessor, only the body weighing 284g. Body does not have eye or integrated flash, but the package contains a flash (SEF-15A) accessory that is mounted on slot Smart Shoe on top of the camera.

Also, the lens has optical stabilization. Pressing the i-Function button on the lens can set various shooting options, each customizable for each shooting mode – P, A, S, M, etc. Each of these shooting modes can be selected easily by rotating the little wheel situated in the upper right position.

On the back we can find a 3.3 inch touch screen. It is the first touch screen on Samsung NX camera. Amoled display allows good visibility, however, in strong sunlight, the screen is slightly visible, making it difficult to focus.

However, the screen is useful, having the menu shown on one side. It can be used successfully, especially by novice photographers, touch and zoom function is available by pressing with your finger, focusing on the desired point and then it triggers the photo.

The buttons on the right side of the back can help withvarious camera settings. Also, in the upper right, completely separate from the others is the video record button.

Integrated Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is integrated, a feature especially seen in mirrorless cameras. The Wi-Fi on the NX300 allows plenty of features including picture sending via email, share on social networks, photos on smartphone (with a special application available on Android Market and the App Store), transfer pictures between the camera and smartphone and save photos in the cloud with SkyDrive.


Samsung says about NX300 that it can take a photo in 0.08 seconds after the camera is turned on.

NX300 has an ISO range from 100-25600. Camera performance in low light is very good. You can take excellent photos at ISO800 without distinguishing traces of grit on pictures.

Video performance

Recording is done at up to 1920x1080p 60fps. The camera offers the possibility of 3D filming, using a special lens at 30fps.

Registration is very clear, with a very good level of detail and also a satisfactory level of sound even in windy conditions.

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