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How to sell or get rid of your old gadgets

If you are planning to buy a new gadget, then you might be having some old gadgets in your home which you are not using any longer and now are obsolete or unwanted by you. You can sell, donate or recycle your old gadgets. But before parting ways from your old gadgets, just make sure that to erase everything stored on it and permanently delete the data. With the new innovations in the technology field, we people are buying new stuff and stacking up those old gadgets in the wardrobe. A day will come when you won’t need your old gadgets anymore and will ask yourself a question, “how to sell or get rid of the old gadgets?”


It is a common problem of every household these days, and here we are with few ways to get rid of your old gadgets easily. Your old gadgets include laptops, computers, smartphones, tablets and much more. If you really want to keep yourself up with the latest technology, then just get rid of the old gadgets with time. But, yes, this even confuse us while selling them or disposing of them properly. Some of the gadgets have our personal data stored in it, while some have flammable batteries and some have the glass displays. And it becomes difficult for us to just throw them away.

So, here today we will talk about how you can get rid of your old gadgets without worrying about anything. These methods will even help you in getting some money in your pockets. But before getting rid of your old gadgets, just do something more. Read on further to know what we are talking about.

Memory Devices

When it is about the memory devices, like the smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers, the problem which people face is that these devices store the personal data of a person. While getting rid of these devices, one should be careful to delete everything stored in it. Otherwise, someone who will get or buy your old gadget might misuse the information or data for his/her benefit. It is really important to take the backup of the data and erase everything on the memory devices.


It is really important to take a backup of the data stored on your memory devices including the videos, documents, music, files and other stuff which are important and confidential. Just get the proper backup done and keep it safe with you. This backup of the data from the memory devices will help you in getting all the data back on your new gadget.

We even have some online services which can help you in taking a backup of the data stored on the devices and save it online, which you can access anytime.

Erase Everything

Backing up of the data is the first step which must be followed by erasing the data from the memory devices. It is quite really important to erase everything to make sure that the data doesn’t get into wrong hands.

For the Android smartphones and tablets, you have to delete the data from the phone memory by deleting each folder. Once it is done, you have to factory reset the device by navigating to the settings, so that everything gets deleted and cannot be retrieved back. The process is not reversible, so be careful before resetting the device.

For iPhone and iPads, you have to manually log out of all the services like iMessage, iCloud, iTunes and App Store. Once you are done with that, then you can reset your device by navigating to the settings of the same. Just like the Android devices, you have to go with an option for factory data reset which is not a reversible process.

For computers and laptops, it’s best to format the device and install a fresh copy of operating system. This will automatically delete everything and the device will be new again. Other than this, if you can keep the memory disk with you then that would be the best option because the disk will work as a backup. And the computer will not have any of your personal data to worry about.

Now, coming back to our article, how to sell or get rid of your old gadgets. Without wasting more time, come on! Let’s start to find the solution.

Selling your Old Gadgets

The best way to to get rid of your old gadgets is to sell them. Selling your old gadgets will get you some money in your pockets and even will help you in freeing up little space at your home. What bothers more to the people is searching the perfect place to sell the gadget. Most of the people think that the gadgets are not worth to be sold, but it might be a waste fro you, can be a treasure for others. Try finding out those people around you who are willing to buy your old gadgets. There are even numerous online websites which can help you finding the right person to buy your old gadget at the right price.

Recycling of the Old Gadgets

Another best way to get rid of your old gadgets is to recycle them. Isn’t it amazing that the parts of your old gadgets can be recycled and used for other purposes, even you get paid for it? There are various recycling companies which can help you in getting the best price for your old gadget. The recycling company simply disassemble your gadget and reuse the parts. All you have to do is to find the best recycling company which you can find online or you can use OnRecycle to find it easily. This website helps in finding best recycling companies for your old gadgets.

Donate your Old Gadgets

If you are not willing to sell or recycle your old gadget, then you can donate them to the needy people. Your old gadgets might be of use to some people out there. You can search for the NGOs near your area or find a person to whom you can donate your old gadgets. Donating is one of the best ways to get rid of your old gadgets.

So, this is the solution to the question, how to sell or get rid of your old gadgets without any fuzz. But before selling or donating your old gadgets, especially the memory devices which holds your personal data, do remember to erase everything from it. Just go ahead and save a little space at your home for new gadgets.

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