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Why single step checkout is important for Magento stores & how to make it work?

How many possibilities to abandon the cart and leave a site without completing a purchase do your costumers have? Do you personally have time for pushing endless ‘continue’ buttons when buying a product? Statistics prove that more than 22% of people don’t – they just leave pages, tired of waiting for a complicated checkout process to be finished. That’s why the first thing for Magento store owner today is to think of how to make checkout as fast and easy as it can be.


To create a site with higher productivity and sales conversion one should clearly know what its users need. Below are some major aspects which store owners should consider to decrease abandonment rate:

  • Checkout process should be logical – jumping from one stage to another and back again ruins the feeling of common sense and irritates your visitors. To make it clear one should implement linear checkout system which is provided by extensions like Magento Single Page Checkout. It helps to avoid major common mistakes and optimizes the process so that customers spend time usefully.
  • The unknown is always scary – so let visitors know what they are to expect to make a purchase. Columns showing checkout steps, clear and explicit explanations of what should be done are the best ways to attract a customer as now he would know what he is about to do.
  • Magento stores make it easy for people to register and log in, but it still can be a problem when a guest is trying to make a purchase. The solution is combining cart page, checkout page and log-in popup window which is also provided by Magento Single Page Checkout. That makes it much faster and less complicated to complete the purchase.

Why using more extensions for checkout?

Those using Magento platform are aware of sensible and customer-oriented approach which unites its products. Sometimes it may seem to be quite complicated to organize, but adding Magento Single Page Checkout as one more extension for your site is intended to simplify the way it works. Providing single page checkout and letting you perform any changes without making the process less efficient, it allows increasing the number of successive purchases dramatically. If you don’t want to think of optimizing every small detail by yourself, just let the extension do it.

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