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Skype Introduces ‘Humoticons’ Facebook App – Not Too Exciting?

Friday last week, Skype, one of the most popular IM application there is for PC desktop, Mac, smart phones like Android and iPhone, and tablets announced an application they made on Facebook. Skype’s main objective is to make the world of Internet social communication a little bit more human and less virtual. Hence, they recently released a new Facebook application called Humoticons also known as Human Emoticons.  So what are these “Humoticons” anyway? And how do they differ on the current emoticons we already have on Skype?

Skype Emoticons

Sometimes, words are not enough to really express your emotions while chatting with someone. And there are unfortunate times when you send a message, it can be perceived negatively if not delivered properly.  That is why emoticons are there to support your true emotions – somehow.  But then, Skype wanted to make chatting more human so they have decided to create this simple application where you can create your own emoticons by mimicking the original default Skype emoticons. That is why it is called Humoticons.

Skype Humoticons

Basically, the Humoticons is a Facebook application made by Skype. And with this application you can mimic the classic and default Skype emoticons and personalize it more by using your own version. This is done by capturing your own personal facial expression through your webcam (or an existing photo from your gallery) then you can post it on Skype’s Humoticon gallery or share it on Facebook. You can also animate your humoticon by capturing five photos and a flash-like animation will be created for you.

It’s not that fancy at all if you ask me. I mean, the objective of Skype is admirable but the application works just like that. It’s just like sharing your own face with your friends by acting like one of the emoticons – so I really don’t feel too excited nor contented with that.  I am expecting more from Skype since they are now one of the leading IM and VOIP application that there is in the Internet world.

You can check out this Facebook Humoticons application here.

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  1. Hey, thank you for this article! I enjoyed it. I have a question, do you know if Humoticon still excists? I tried to find it but I can’t find the app on Facebook or anywhere.. Maybe you know what happend with Humoticon?


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