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Smart Luggage Will Reinvent the Way We Travel

Imagine a suitcase that utilizes modern technology to follow you around, on its own. If you’re picturing a piece of luggage rolling along behind you obediently, like a puppy, you have the right idea. It sounds crazy, right?

Believe it or not, such a thing already exists. The Travelmate Robotics Suitcase can be programmed to put along behind you, all the while avoiding obstacles and other people. Make no mistake, the latter detail is just as important, because it would be silly if your luggage bumped into everything.

Smart Luggage Will Reinvent the Way We Travel

But if you’re worried that someone might snatch your bag and steal your stuff, Travelmate has you covered. Even though the luggage follows behind you, there’s no way to open it without the proper fingerprint. That’s right, it has a touch-enabled lock that can be programmed to recognize your fingerprint and yours alone.

So, someone could snatch your bag, but the chances of them opening it are slim to none. Unless, they have a sledgehammer or something, but that kind of defeats the purpose of stealing a bag full of goods.

It’s not just Travelmate that has offered some great innovations for travelers, however. There is an entire lineup of smart luggage that will make your travels easier.

We’re going to take a moment to explore some of those smart luggage products.

Smart Luggage to Help You Save Space

Sometimes, you are limited in space especially when it comes to your luggage. The Neit Smart luggage has one extremely useful feature, it can collapse into a thinner form factor. Not when your stuff is in it, obviously, but when you need to store the bag. This makes it easier to hide under your bed or store in your closet until you need it for travel.

It’s also outfitted with a GPS system that you can use to track its whereabouts. You can check on its location through a mobile app. But the app is designed to help you with travel too and will keep track of your boarding pass, flight booking, and more.

Secure Smart Luggage

Planet Traveler offers a smart luggage kit that includes a bevy of solid security options. Namely, it uses a bio-sensor lock so that all your stuff remains securely tucked away. You can open the bag with a fingerprint, just as you would a high-tech safe, or modern smartphone.

Through the app, you can also track the current location of your bag, so you’ll know right away if it ends up headed for the wrong place. There’s even a proximity sensor that will alert you when the bag is close. This is extremely useful when you’re waiting at the luggage turnstile, watching a ton of bags glide past. You’ll know as soon as your bag is nearby.

An integrated 15,000 mAh power bank will allow you to charge your phone, tablet, laptop, or portable devices. The average phone can be charged up to 7 times with that power bank, and there are two USB ports available so you can charge a couple devices simultaneously.

Smart Luggage for Outdoor Adventures

Most of these luggage options are great to use anywhere, but they really shine in a regular setting like an airport or urban space. The G-Ro is best for backpacking and outdoor adventures. Why? For starters, it’s equipped with heavy-duty wheels that can roll smoothly over any type of terrain.

It has a massive, 23,400 mAh battery or power bank that can be used to charge the average smartphone a total of 10 times. And since it has 2 USB ports available, you can charge other devices at the same time, like a tablet or computer. If you’re in the wilderness or camping, this feature alone is a godsend. Camping especially, because there are no places to sap electricity usually unless you’re staying in a cabin or modern campground.

Even if you don’t want this for outdoor use, the wheels and power bank are great to use anywhere.

Best Luggage for International Travel

Traveling internationally? Want the best features and support money can buy? No problem.

The Bluesmart Black Edition has location tracking, a built-in digital weight scale, a battery charger/power pack, and a remote lock. Plus, the lock will trigger automatically to keep your stuff safe. No need to worry about locking your bag, it will do it all for you.

According to Bluesmart, the bag is made of all the best and most “premium” materials, so it’s durable and reliable. What more could you ask for, really?

Why Would Anyone Want “Smart” Luggage?

Even after discussing all of this, you may still be wondering why someone would purchase and rely on “smart” luggage over conventional storage options. The best feature, of course, is the location tracking. How many times have you lost or misplaced a bag? If you travel often, it’s almost expected to happen every now and then.

Even at a record low, an average of 3.24 bags is lost for every 1,000 passengers. That’s great if you’re in the majority, but not so much if you’re one of the few with misplaced luggage.

With the smart luggage location tracking features, you can be updated by GPS every time something happens with your bag. If an airline or travel agency loses it, you can even see where it ends up. No more waiting weeks or months for a random service to locate your lost bag.

Plus, if your bag is lost, advanced security keeps all your stored belongings safe. It’s your choice whether you go with a bag that has a bio or fingerprint lock, or just a remote lock. Either way, you can rest assured that no one unauthorized will gain access to your stuff.

Combine all that with the additional options like a power bank for charging your mobile devices, and wheels that can handle rough terrain, and the prospect of trading your old luggage in for something smart is that much more viable. Trust us when we say, you can’t go wrong with any of the bags mentioned here. Or any smart luggage, really.

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