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Will Nokia Lumia 900 Possibly Work In The Philippines? Check Smart’s Plan LTE 2012

There are some few questions now after seeing the Nokia Lumia 900, which is latest and claimed to be the best smartphone from the last CES 2012 (Consumer Electronics Show 2012) event held in Las Vegas. Some of them were “Will Nokia Lumia 900 be available in the Philippines?” and the other one is “Will Nokia Lumia work here in the Philippines?“.  Admittedly, the Nokia Lumia 900 looks promising especially it sports the latest Microsoft Windows 7.5 Mango for its operating system.  However, a quick answer to the former question is “Not yet. For now.” since Nokia said that this smartphone will be exclusive with AT&T carrier and there’s no green light yet from Nokia as to when they will start shipping Nokia Lumia 900 across the globe.  While the latter, if we look into the current supported frequency bands of our local mobile carriers here in the Philippines then the answer for that question if we can use Nokia Lumia 900 here is NO. This is simply because none of the local carriers here can support LTE based mobile devices – yet.  But don’t give up yet because from the latest report it looks like that SMART Communication have plans of upgrading their mobile systems (hardware and software) into a “LTE-ready” by mid this year.

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By the way, before I go further let me give you an idea first of what LTE means and what can it do for us mobile users.  What is LTE?  LTE is the newest evolution of 4G network wireless technology which stands for Long Term Evolution. The easiest and most comprehensible answer to define LTE is it makes your streaming, browsing, and socializing on Facebook, Twitter and others faster and capable of at least 100Mbps data speed. While HSPA+ is the acronym for High Speed Access Plus which is a 4G that can deliver data speed up to 80Mbps.  So this mean that either of the two technology means only one thing – the power of speed.

According to the report, SMART Communications, Inc. (SMART) will upgrade their mobile phone network to become LTE-ready as part of their Php 67.1 billion budget to modernize both PLDT and SMART’s network.  The report came from PLDT and Smart Technology Group Head Rolando G. Peña.  Furthermore, Peña said that with the completion of this modernization project PLDT and SMART would be able now to support LTE or HSPA+.  Needless to say if I go back to the question if it is possible to use Nokia Lumia 900 here in the Philippines then I have to say YES, only if Nokia releases it here in the Philippines and if SMART successfully installed and activated support for LTE or HSPA+.

Since PLDT and SMART modernization focuses on improving their wireless mobile technology this year, I will not be surprised if they also include Nokia Lumia 900 on their postpaid and prepaid plans – of course if given the chance they still need to test and benchmark the smartphone if it will be feasible enough to market it here in the Philippines.  A little trivia for you my dear readers, I came to know that SMART is the only mobile carrier here in the Philippines who carries HSPA+ in two frequency bands. Pretty neat.

For more details of SMART’s upgrade plan, you can check it here.

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  1. The Nokia Lumia 920 that I bought at two years ago is working. I don\’t know what the main issue about the Nokia 900 is. It\’s almost has the same specs right?


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