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Top The Social Media Marketing Race With Twitter

Social Media Marketing – Which is the best?

Social media is not new, but the usage of social media marketing for business is a trendy fashion growing with increasing popularity. The recent change and development in business strategy has led to social networking sites being a hub for business promotions. Twitter, one such popular social networking site not only connects many friends and families but has also proved to be a good marketing place to promote different organization’s concerns. In this article we will see how you can top the social media marketing race using twitter as your medium.

Twitter As Medium For Social Media Marketing

  1. Using keywords has been and will be an important aspect of your traffic count. It is ideal to make a list of keywords that describe your work and the organization best. Use these keywords extensively in your content.
  2. It is all about connection, so try out ways of innovative interaction. You can tweet your message in your own voice. Make sure you pick on the right attitude and the apt words to describe your business.
  3. Cultivate relationships with your followers. Interact regularly with them so that they re-tweet to increase your traffic rates. Moreover know what your clients want so that you can produce their ideal products, thoughts etc.
  4. Apart from interacting, sharing links is also a good tool to enhance your fan base. Links to useful sites will help them clear their doubts about something specific or just add to their further knowledge.
  5. Be transparent in your dealings. To build your company’s credibility, you have to be humble. If you have goofed up, or you don’t know an answer to a query, admit that you don’t. If you are not sure, better not add more to your blunders.
  6. Create hashtags to bring your followers back to your website. This will engage the followers and make them participate in the conversations. But make sure your hashtags are relevant. You can also declare a prize for your most “following” follower to motivate them!

Twitter Social Media Marketing

Let us see how using Twitter for social media marketing can be advantageous:

Advantages of Social Media Marketing

  • Giant list of followers who keep increasing with your best approach and presentation. It allows your clients to subscribe and follow you. Initially most of your followers will not be your buyers, but you are there in their good books. They might recommend you or may buy themselves.
  • You can share every update of your company.
  • The scope of Business to Business marketing with Viral Marketing benefits.
  • It is not disorganized platform where promoters do anything for the sale. Twitter has fixed 1000 updates, 250 direct messages and 100 API requests per day.

To sum up, with Twitter your business plans are more strategic, progressive and popular. It is like fishing. Your bait is already attracted to the fishes, you just have to wait for them to bite! So having been equipped with all our tips to win the race of the social media marketing with Twitter, get set and and plunge for it!

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